Thursday, November 21, 2013

Linen Bread Bags, Sunset Magazine and other cool stuff.....

HEY there! 

A little more blatant self promotion for a moment... then I'll show you how I made these rolls.  I saw a picture of something similar and wondered if my easy, one rise, roll recipe would work to make just 6 and, well, it sure did!  Look at these lovelies!  

I'll write out the recipe when I'm back later, I have a million errands to run.  It's hard organizing to get away for a few days without any help whatsoever.  

BUT IN THE MEAN TIME, this news:

My linen bread bags are in the December issue of SUNSET Magazine.   Sunset Magazine is available in the 14 Western States, if you're west of me, go get it!  It's a great magazine with great ideas and articles and this month, there's me too! 
*I haven't seen it yet but I'm hoping someone west of me will sent me a picture until I receive one in the mail

You can email me at : to get more information if you want to buy privately, I take paypal.


You can find (and buy) them here:

the linen bread bags

or the proofing cloth

or the napkins

December 2013

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Your holiday gift guide

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  1. do you combine purchases-like a bread bag and proofing cloth to save shipping costs?

    1. I absolutely do, I try to shove as much into one shipping box as possible :)