Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Canned sweet rolls in a waffle maker, experiment. SUCCESS! You CAN heat up an oven and wait 20 minutes, or you can pop a can, load, flip, ice and eat in 2. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

I didn't make this up.  Every once in a while I feel the overwhelming need to say that.  I am a solid believer there are no new ideas in cooking, only reworking of existing once.  I am inspired by loads of things, recipes, pictures, ideas I hear about or just stuff that pops into my head. 

This isn't even a re-work.  I saw a picture of these and looked to my right...I have a straight line of sight into my kitchen...through the bead curtain of course, and saw my new Waring Pro Waffle maker.  *I* can do that.  I stood up, walked into the kitchen and this is exactly what I did. 

There's no recipe here, just the pictures.......  I also can't type much, my fingers are covered, thickly, with rich, gooey, totally chemical laden, canned icing and sometimes, there's nothing on earth that will beat it. 

Get a coffee, send someone to the store and behold:

I got this with some meal deal at my grocery store.  Pop it open, turn on the Waffle maker, I set it to 3.5, pretending I was involved in the preparation.  I wanted to feel this procedure actually needed me.  I fear it didn't.
Spray your beloved waffle maker and pop one little round in each quad. Close the lid.

flip and time for 2 minutes.  Open!  *SQUEAL WITH DELIGHT* pop those little delicious nugget weird shaped delights onto a board.
Ice 'em.  OH, it fills the nooks and crannies and waffle divots of joy!!  Connor (horror!) decided he wanted his plain.  WHO wants a canned roll plain?  *sigh*
oh WAIT A MINUTE, leaving 4 plain means more MORE icing for ME!  You may want to avert your eyes at the shock and horror of exactly how heavily I iced the next one I ate.  I only confess because we've built such a relationship, I wouldn't show just anyone.  Behold, the big kahuna waffle ironed canned sweet roll with orange icing, OR it could also be referred to as.....  Behold, my orange canned icing with some waffle ironed sweet roll to carry it to my mouth.  You choice?

I suspect there will be a run on waffle makers and canned sweet rolls.  I'm heading to the store now just to see what else I can waffle in my newly beloved Waring Pro. 


ADDENDUM (or, here's a sweet added bonus of this idea!) : 

The teenage boy got up on a Saturday morning, offered me coffee and to make breakfast and proceeded to pop a can of cinnamon rolls (regular, not orange), cooked them in the waffle maker, iced them and presented me with warm sweet rolls with icing for breakfast with my cup of coffee.  

THAT ALONE IS WORTH THIS MACHINE! HAHAHAHA  *and no, he doesn't even want anything! 

/enjoy even MORE!


  1. The sweet yumm rolls. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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