Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bread Bread Dump Cake

apparently I'm in my 'brown food' period.  this is my contribution to tonight's dinner at friends.

three ciabatta loaves
 two processor baguettes
 one apple dump cake

it wasn't until i took the group shot that i realized i'm into brown food.  i'll be rectifying that in the not too distant future.  well, after the steak and kidney pie, steak and kidney pudding and the beef stew and the brisket.  *sigh*  nevermind, apparently I'm in brown food for a while yet ;) 


Monday, October 3, 2011

Pressure Cooker Experiments

I got a new electric pressure cooker.  I'll post the actual recipes later, these are the action shots.  

I was going to hold out for a swanky, expensive, name brand, electric pressure cooker.  I knew I wouldn't fork out the cash if I didn't know how well it would do.  My local Walmart had the Nesco 6qt on sale.  I bought it on the way home from dropping Connor as school.  The theory is that when I become a pro I'll toss the $60 pressure cooker for a better one but I tell ya, I LIKE this one.

I skyped my mom (who has an electric pressure cooker) and she talked me through some ideas.  This is what we did.


Artichokes. 6 minutes.


Chicken, coconut, potato, onion curry.  8 minutes


Custard.  3 minutes


Jambalaya.  9 minutes.


Delicious.  Flavorful.  Better than the same things I've cooked the "regular" way.  Oh and it was all finished, boxed and put away by 11:30.  Heck of a mornings "work".

Buy a pressure cooker.  Now.