Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bamboo steamer experiments over the Pressure Cooker, frozen ravioli? oh you BET that works too!

Don't blink!  This is an addendum to the experiments I did yesterday with the bamboo steamer and the freaky coincidence that it fits perfectly over the insert on my  Pressure Cooker.  Here is the original link to the steamer meets pressure cooker post:


I'm searching through my fridge and freezer now for all things steam-able.  I am ALL about quick and easy for lunchtime around here.  Adding a little bit of water to the cooker, turning it onto BROWN and leaving it for the few minutes it takes to boil then adding the bamboo steamer on top with whatever I fancy is the EPITOME of quick and easy in my book!

There's no draining, no boiling water, no stove on, no fuss, no muss!

Today's experiment, frozen ravioli.

Don't blink!

Here's the play by play:

This is Costco cheese ravioli.  I bought it on a deal and it's been in the freezer for a year, you can tell by the ice crystals all over them.  I don't care, we're cooking them and trying them.

Hello my lovely.  OH quick note, you can remove the lid of the new Digital pressure cooker, you just lift it slightly up and slide it off the shaft thingy (technical term) at the hinge.  It's easy.  I like the option of using it with or without the hinged lid.

Throw a little water, about an inch or so, in the cooker and set it to saute.  Line your steamer basket with some leaves, I used cabbage, and then some frozen ravioli.  Set the steamer on the cooker when the water is boiling and time it for 12 minutes.
Make sauce to keep you busy in the interim.  Melt some butter and olive oil and pepper and salt in a small pan.  Ok, that used up a minute. Chop some beautiful parsley from your garden.

12 minutes later.  LOOK at these beauties!  There's none exploded, water logged, squashed, broken or anything, they're GORGEOUS.   Pick them up, tenderly, and put them in the sauce.  Shush them around a time or two to coat them.  Add cheese or any herb you like.
Add some parsley to pretty them up and slide them onto a plate

THIS is my idea of quick and easy!  Steam some ravioli! 

I'm going to try homemade, fresh, pasta, perogies, other frozen items (I'll have to go to the store and look to see what they have, I'm not a fan and don't keep stuff like that here... with this method though, I may just become a convert!)

Ok, go get your pressure cooker and dig out your steamer, we have more playing to do! 


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