Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vodka pastry. I don't make pastry "right" but it comes out great. I have this recipe posted but this is the play by play. Quick, easy, yummy.

Don't blink, this is a quickie.  

I make pastry with Vodka.  I mix it too long and don't have a light touch at all.  I'm brutal with it, it's too wet and I roll it out a bunch of times.  I do all things that will result is abysmal anti-pastry.  THAT being said.  I make pretty good stuff.  Not the best I've ever had, my mother holds that particular title and I have no intentions of attempting to match her flakiness level.  I make good pastry.  It's flaky, tasty, easy to deal with and makes a pretty fine pie. 

I'm "into" making hand pies at the moment and need a pastry that will let me use and abuse it and my Vodka pastry is just the thing.  Here's my (purists, avert your eyes!!!!) play by play of my pastry...... 


Use a Cuisinart because I can't make this without mine.  

In the bowl, dump:

2 cups of flour
a little salt
a little sugar
1 cup of mixed fat (I use my dry one cup measure and put some lard, shortening and margarine or butter in there)

Pulse till it looks like bits, 5-6 pulses ?

ADD 1/4 cup ice cold vodka (I keep my little bottle of 'pie vodka' in the freezer all the time)

Pulse till it looks like bigger bits, 2-3 pulses ?

With the machine running, add water down the tube until the dough, and this is DOUGH, rides the blade.  

It goes against ALL the rules, as I said, pie people look away!!  Here's the horrifying pictorial: 

Dump everything in the Cuisinart, flour, salt, sugar, fat
Pulse it a couple of times till it looks like bits
Add 1/4 cup vodka, this is a 1/8 measure so I add 2! Pulse a couple of times till it's bigger bits
Turn the machine on and pour cold water, slowly, in until it rides the blade and is quite soft.  It looks like bread dough, go figure.
Take it out and put it on a lightly floured board.  This stuff can take A LOT of flour because it's so wet from the vodka but when it cooks, the vodka evaporates and you get lovely layers of dough, really, trust me!

Pat it into a square, I like it as a square because, well, I just do, so you pat yours into a square too.  Wrap in cling film and throw it in the fridge for a while.  I'm making chicken "Cornish Pastie" later and I'll take pics to show you how easy this is to deal with.

Well, there you go, my "there is no way this works or tastes like anything other than cardboard" absolutely delicious, flaky, tender and yummy pie dough. 


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