Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Voyages with my Waffle Maker OR What ELSE can I cook in my Waffle maker besides waffles OR Reasons I'm the best house on the block to visit

Seriously.  I don't think I actually cook as many waffles in my Waring Pro as I do other things. A girlfriend and her daughter came over tonight for chicken lessons.  No, we have actual chickens and they are babysitting them when we go out of town so they had to have chicken lessons.

After the lesson, we were standing round in my kitchen, like we do (there's not much to chicken lessons)  I pulled out the waffle iron and yeah, we played.

No big recipes, kitchen alchemy moments or epiphanies here, it's just more of what I do with what I have.  I just throw stuff against the wall (metaphor) and see what sticks. :)

Hello MUFFLE! *yeah, Connor named these too.  I've made these since he was little but they're WAY better in this sort of waffle maker...

Grasp one boxed, bagged, sacked, muffin mix, the one that you only have to add water or milk to.  We don't want high brow here!

Well, I don't need to tell you the rest, just look:

One pack of Blueberry muffin mix, just add milk.  The bag said 1/2 cup, I added slightly less.  Mix it up in a big plastic bowl and put a blob on each quad of the waffle iron, close the lid, flip and wait.
OK, 2 mins and you're eating muffins.  OK, it's not muffins but you're eating Muffles!  Delicious and easy and quick and you can add butter in the nooks and craters and, well, c'mon there's nothing bad about this, nothing at all!  I didn't take many pictures because, well, we ate them as fast as they came out of the waffle iron which was FAST, 2 minutes each batch.

Another bag, they were on sale for .30/each, I couldn't NOT buy them.  Same deal, dump into bowl, add milk.  These were considerably runnier so they ran together more like a, well, waffle.  Drop into waffle maker, close the lid, flip, wait for the dulcet tone signalling muffin joy and ... well ...  here you go.

Eggs, you know I did!  You know I HAD to.  2 eggs in a bowl with a tablespoon of water, some salt some pepper, whip like mad with a fork. Pour it into the preheated, greased, waffle iron.  How COOL does this look?  It almost filled it.  I tipped it back a bit to try to fill in the holes.  I waited a second before I closed and flipped and when I did...
OH it was not happy with me.  My girlfriend and I squealed with delight as it spit and sputtered and spewed forth eggy goodness from the sides.  I had faith though.  I merely scraped the eggs away and waited... You could see it trying to expand, look at the growth on the side!
I didn't wait for the ding... LOOK!!  Holee cow!  It worked!  I picked it out and we ate it fast.  Fabulous and I think a fun way to get kids to eat eggs!  Sprinkle cheese or throw it in a sandwich.  I cheered that we'd invented a gluten free waffle! HAHA

Well, OK, that's tonight's little play date with the Waring Pro.  I love this thing and am continuously on the look out for stuff we can make in it. 

So, besides the Stuffle 

the cornbreadwaffle thingy

the sweet rolls

the cinnamon rolls

and actual waffles

I am having quite the relationship with this little appliance!  I'm secretly hoping I get to play with the counter top roaster because I can only imagine what I could do in THAT. 

Go get one of these things, they're crazy fun.


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