Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to Hull a Strawberry with a straw

My son thinks this is hysterically funny.  "That's just wrong, mom" and "you need to show everyone how to do that".  I am relatively confident there are loads and loads of people who hull strawberries with straws, although truthfully, I've never really checked, I'm just guessing.  Sort of like that whole, there are no new ideas thing.

So, the video:

How I Hull a Strawberry with a Straw!

*I do have to add that I am fully aware that strawberries don't necessarily have "innards".

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jalapeno Alchemy

I'm playing with making candied jalapenos, on some sharp cheddar and a cracker.

I think I may cut it up next time and make it more of a jam...  it's super hot and super sweet.
I threw some sugar, some vinegar, salt and turmeric in a pot, boiled it hard for a few minutes to dissolve everything then threw in sliced jalapenos.  I boiled for about 3 minutes until they shrivelled and got darker.  Popped them into 2 mini jars and boiled the syrup down further.  I may have boiled it too hard because it got a bit thick.  I filled the jars with the liquid and tossed them in the fridge. 

They are delicious!!!!!!!!!!  super super hot and super super sweet.  Husband isn't a fan but really, he never really is.  I have girlfriends coming tomorrow, I'll make them try it and get opinions on how to tweak it.

I had extra syrup which I poured into a jar of it's own and it's like pepper caramel, I will find a way to use it! 

I'm going back to the store today so when I make the next batch I'll post the exact amounts and ingredients. I love kitchen alchemy.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Update from the Kitchen

I've been a bit re-directed lately.  This is what I've been up to instead of cooking quite so much:

I'll be back to more detailed cooking after spring break (11-19 March, 2012)