Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Linen things I make and sell that are totally food related.

I try really hard not to steer you wrong.  I love sharing my ideas and recipes and just general stuff here.

I like to have some of the toys that go along with the cooking that I do. I'm not a fan of single use or specific use items, I think we all need to be using our money on things that have many uses.

I sell on Etsy and my store is:
Tracy Makes Stuff

I sell through my Facebook store page:
Tracy Makes Stuff in Austin

That being said, I have a few items that I use in my house that I make to sell and I think they are appropriate items to list here.

A head's up, the linen bread bags are going to be included in a Californian magazine in their December issue, I'll post the link here closer to the time.  I'm so excited :D

Anyway, these are the foodie items I'm selling in the store.  I wanted you to have 'dibs' on them because Christmas is coming and I am planning of starting to make a lot more of these items.

1.  Linen baking cloth, also known as a clouche.  
Bakers Linen Cloth Baking Clouche 100% Linen Flax Linen Proofing cloth
I use these to cover my island when I make bread  It reduces the amount of flour I need.  I can use it to flip soft dough (like my ciabatta) around and over and I can cover loaves while they rise.  It absorbs some liquid and there is a solid difference in the dough that I shape and let rise on the floured counter and the dough that I shape and let rise on the cloth 

2.  Linen bread bags and Linen potato bags
Linen Bread Bag by TracyCooksinAustin Listing for a set of TWO

I use these to store my fresh bread.  There's no mold on the bread and it is better than plastic.  I don't think bread should be stored any longer than a day or two.  In my house, after a day or so, it becomes bread crumbs or croutons that I store in the freezer.

I also have these bags with the word POTATO across the front, yeah, I store my potatoes in them, they stop any mold or yukkiness from the plastic bag, and they're kept in the dark so they don't sprout so quickly.  Brilliant I know, my mother's idea.  OH and she has a pocked on her potato bag that says 'garlic'.  Yeah, high, dry, dark and it all lasts so much longer.

AND for the Whovians of us...

I'm OVER handing people a piece of paper towel when we eat. I don't like cotton napkins, they don't feel right and I'm all about linen.  I, however, do NOT make the linen napkins from 100% linen, because you'd have to iron then and there's no one with enough time or energy to iron napkins for every day.

I use a 80-20 linen cotton blend. No ironing and it behaves exactly like 100% linen.  The feel is the same, the look and the use.  Perfect. 

These are the perfect addition to the house.  They wash up a dream and I have a pile of them that are in perpetual rotation.  I have both the black and the natural, depending on my mood.  Initially, I thought black was weird as a napkin but it's GREAT! 

Let me know what you think of the items, I'm interested.  I don't know what the rates are to ship outside the USA but I'm looking into it. 

Have a great rest of your day, I'm making bread and pressure cooker jambalaya (which I'll post in a day or so) in preparation for my mom coming to stay for a bit.  I love playing in the kitchen with her, I'll post what we make. 



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