Thursday, September 22, 2016

THE Pressure Cooker Creamy Cheesecake, with my oh so secret topping, in a 7 inch springform pan, better than all of them :) trust me THIS is the one you want to make

I love cheesecake, I love smooth, creamy cheesecake.  I don't like that crumbly style cheesecake, if that's the sort you like, avert your eyes because this is smooth, creamy, delicious and makes you want more more more of it.

I have to admit, I usually make the mini cheesecake in a jar:

BUT sometimes I need a whole cheesecake to present, or just to make :).  I do own a 7 inch springform pan, go get one, they're fabulous for not only cheesecake but bread pudding, other cakes, all made in my pressure cooker.  Yeah, it's pretty crazy how much deliciousness you can make in one pan. But, as usual, I digress.  This is super easy, no fuss, no drama or leaving things in open ovens or fretting over the cracks, oh hell, life is way too short for that.  This is straight forward, 15 min cook time and a few minutes of rest then a chill and there you have it, one of the best cheesecakes I have ever made and have ever had.



12 graham crackers
4 1/2 Tbsp of soft or melted butter

2 blocks ROOM TEMPERATURE (8 oz each) cream cheese
1Tbsp vanilla
1/4 cup sugar
pinch of salt
2 eggs
drizzle of lemon juice (optional)

1 cup sour cream
2 tsp vanilla
2 tsp sugar

Ok, there you go.


Combine crackers and butter in cuisinart, press into a 7 inch springform pan.
Clean bowl :) sorry but we can't have crumbs in our cheesecake
Combine 2 blocks cream cheese with sugar, lemon, vanilla, salt till smooth smooth smooooooth
Add 2 eggs and a drizzle of lemon if you're using it
Combine and leave to beat for a couple of minutes you want smooooooooooth, scrape down a few times.
Pour lovely smooth soft mixture into the lined pan.

IN pressure cooker, put about 2 cups of water and a trivet that fits in the bottom, I got mine at the dollar store, it's a warmer that you use with a tea candle, cost me a buck,  Use what you have.

Make an aluminum sleeve, purely to help lift the cake from the cooker, if you don't want to, don't.

Place cheesecake on trivet over the water, lock and load, high pressure, 15 minutes.

DING, just unplug your unit and leave it to come down naturally, about 10 minutes?  Open it and if there's a little water on top of your cheesecake just tip it and use kitchen paper to dab it up, no worries, it's just condensation from resting while the pressure came down.

While the cheesecake is still warm, put the topping on it, gently smooth it out and leave it on the counter to cool completely.

Cover and put in the fridge..  8 hours... wait for it, wait for it, trust me now.........







I like a little of my strawberry compote drizzled on top but ANY topping is great, fresh fruit, chocolate, caramel, anything at all

You're going to want to go and make this, seriously, right now.  I'd wax poetic and tell you more details of how wonderful this is but, c'mon, I have a plate and a fork and, well.............cheesecake



  1. MerryChristmas ClausDecember 5, 2016 at 6:48 PM

    Tracy, I have a Nesco and i am wondering which springform pan you use in yours. It looks like yours has the wide lip at the bottom but I am not sure. Thanks so much, Tracy.

    1. I have the Nordic Ware 7 inch springform with lip, I got it on amazon, watch because the price fluctuates... I love it and highly recommend it

    2. MerryChristmas ClausJanuary 12, 2017 at 7:58 PM

      Thanks, Tracy. It was out of stock but I finally found a 7" online and ordered it. Today is the first time I have had where the PC was free and I was too. I just put the topping on it and it really did not look set but it seems it is no different from other cheesecake recipes I have made in the past where it still looks about the consistency of soft-set jello but firms up after it chills. Do I leave the springform pan intact until I take it out of the fridge tomorrow? I can't recall but it seems that is how I have done it in the past.

      I will let you know tomorrow how it comes out. I expect it will be breakfast!

    3. yes! leave it... oh i always have it for breakfast! HAHAHA

  2. By 12 crackers, do you mean 12 rectangular or 12 squares?