Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I like a pancake, then I like to tart it up. This is my motherfood pancake, it lives somewhere between an american pancake an a british pancake (crepe) and makes me happy every single time I make it. This is one of the foods I make when I'm here alone and need to feel some happiness and love.

No, I don't think you NEED a recipe for a pancake, it's flour, egg, milk, cooked and slathered in whatever makes you happy.  I just do them a little differently when it's just me here and I want a little treat.  The days where I'm chased away from a quiet read by televisions and feel lonely for someone to just chat to about nothing in particular, this is what I make, just for me, on those types of days...  go on, we all have them, trust me, if you make this, you'll have a little smile and a new start to the day.



Bacon, cut into tiny pieces, I use 2 pieces
1/2 apple, peeled and chopped small

1/2 cup all purpose flour
pinch of salt
1 Tb sugar
1 egg
enough milk to take batter to 1 1/3 cup (10 oz) of batter

maple syrup
powdered sugar


Cut bacon up small and drop in a cold frying pan, add water to coat the bottom of the pan, thinly.  Turn on to medium high and cook till water evaporates and bacon crisps, drop in apples and fry around a bit, just a bit, we don't want them turned to babyfood.  Add a pat of butter and shush it around to a smooth layer in the pan.  Drizzle batter over, thinly but enough to cover, leave it, do NOT touch or shake, don't touch it!!  when it looks dry around the edge, slide a spatula under and flip it, one solid motion. you can do it!  Fry the second side a minute or so, till it's brown under there then flip back to first side. Transfer to plate and add a little powdered sugar, fold in half, dust with a little more powdered sugar and fold into quarters.  Pour a little maple syrup over and sit quietly and eat it, all of it.  :) Enjoy.  There is enough batter to make another, plain one OR you can repeat and make a second apple bacon.  Go on, make yourself one.

Make the batter and set aside.  Add bacon and water to pan and fry till crispy, add chopped apple.
Fry it around a bit, add a pat of butter and then pour batter over, carefully and evenly
Leave it, do not shush it around, just leave it, when it's brown and set, flip it
Oh, flip it back again when the second side is cooked, just for a second,  Transfer to a plate, sugar and flip, sugar and flip. 
Drizzle a little maple syrup over it...  yeah, then eat it, quietly, with no one anywhere near you 

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  1. Okay, you got me, again! I love this idea but I cheat!! I have a package of cooked bacon in the freezer and I buy a large quantity (80 lbs) of apples every year. We peel, slice and core with that $10 handy-dandy machine in about 3 hours. Then bag and freeze all of them for the year. I never have to buy apples that way and get the #2 apples from the local orchard at $20 for 40 pounds! Saving money and having apples available for everything. I will make this very soon. I have to try it. Thanks.