Saturday, October 15, 2016

Quiche muffins, the big ones, the ones you want to make and eat on sunday morning. They're great hot, cold, reheated, fried! and freeze beautifully...

There's NO recipe here, it's a method.  For the large sized muffin tins, I use one egg per muffin cup and then add one egg for the pan. Regular muffin tins will only need barely one egg per muffin cup, always gage low, you can always add!


IN the video below, I made 8 quiche muffins so I used (ultimately) 9 eggs so that's the math for all future large cup muffin pans.

I mention in the video my favorite pan is the Bakers Pride 12 cup loose base dessert pan.  I use it for muffins, these quiches, cheesecake and any other time I want a smaller version of any original.  I will tell you they're not available for sale in the USA.  You can pay a fortune to have them imported OR you can wait and see if I can get us a deal on buying bulk, I'll report back on that one.

So, rather than  long winded drawn out version of what I cooked....  I just did a video :)
go on, go take a look




  1. MerryChristmas ClausDecember 29, 2016 at 8:04 PM

    Can you get a deal on the muffin pan you were talking about? I would order one from you.