Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Pressure Cooker version of Mississippi Roast, yeah, 90 mins instead of 9 hours, there's nothing wrong with that at all

Pressure Cooker Version

For the three people, apparently, who haven't seen this recipe online


2-4 (this is 3lb) chuck roast
one packet of dry ranch dressing mix
one packet of dry brown gravy mix
one stick of butter (my favorite part of the recipe)
however many pepperoncini peppers you want and some of the juice
1/2 cup water


I threw the meat in a little hot oil in the pressure cooker and browned one side.  I flipped it and sprinkled the gravy mix, dressing mix over the meat, added the stick of butter and threw in a handful of peppers. 

I did add a little water in the bottom, as well as a little juice from the jar of peppers. 

LOCK AND LOAD, 75 minutes, leave to release naturally, about 15 minutes. 

Open and behold! Tender ridiculousness in a pressure cooker.  

I took the meat out, sort of shredded it, thickened the sauce with a little cornstarch slurry (2TB corn starch mixed in with a 1/2 cup water) drizzled into the boiling liquid then boil a minute or so. 

I have the meat out to reheat later and the gravy in a container to nuke.  I'm going to pressure cook some mashed potatoes and cook the carrots at the same time (in with the potatoes then take them out and put them aside when you mash the spuds, really, so simple)  

Calling it DINNER, DONE 


Do this in the pressure cooker, you're going to go mad for it

I have a youtube video: 

rather than the play by play pics... enjoy! 

 OH and go make this!!

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