Thursday, January 19, 2017

my NO BAKE cheesecakes, yeah, I do them in jars so that not only do I not have to cook but i can simply reach into the fridge and open a jar of cheesecake, c'mon, is there anything better?

This basic no bake cheesecake recipe can be used as a jumping off point for your own creativity or made as is and enjoyed by all. It's quick, easy and most of all, completely delicious

We are going to make cheesecake today.  There are a handful of ingredients that I'm sure you have in your fridge.  We aren't going to bake it.  We are mixing, dividing, chilling and eating and then, I will be your very best friend.

Trust me here. I haven’t led you astray yet and I am on a mission not to. I could wax poetic about how delicious these ridiculous little tarts are but I could never, and I mean never, do them justice. Check your fridge, be sure you have the ingredients. I’d be shocked if you didn’t, and make them, now!

You will need some sort of vessel to hold these little darlings. My favorite is the 3” springform pan, this will make two.  You can make a quick graham cracker crust for each. I confess, today I cheated and used the 6 mini graham cracker tart pans from the store, $1.49, I didn’t think I could make them cheaper to be honest. Another option is the 8” graham cracker crust. Go with what you like here.

Another option to contain this most delicious filling is to use no crust at all, try diving the mixture between ramekins, your choice on size or number and chilling.  When you serve, that's when your creative juices can flow.  Feel like fruit?  Add some on top.  Granola will allow you and your friends to pretend this is health food.  Try nuts, pecans work beautifully (because I am in Texas and you become morally obligated to only use pecans when you live here, determining addition uses for pecans is also on the entry exam I think). Walnuts are a good alternative and less expensive generally.  Cookie or graham cracker crumbs on top give crunch and the feeling of a crust without having to do any real crust work.



Cheesecake filling

1/2 cup whipping cream
8 oz cream cheese (room temperature)
1 TB lemon juice
zest from about half a lemon
1/4 cup or less sugar
pinch of salt

Cracker crumb base

2 graham crackers, crushed
1 tbsp room temperature butter (no need to melt)
pinch of salt
1 Tbsp sugar


Combine cracker crumbs and butter and salt and sugar and divide between 4 mason jars as a base or use a whole premade base, it's all your choice here... 

In bowl 1
Whip half a cup of whipping cream to gentle firm peaks (just use a whisk, even *I* can whip half a cup to peaks without fretting or tears)

In bowl 2, BEAT until smooth and creamy, completely smooth and creamy
8 oz room temperature cream cheese

THEN beat in;

1 Tablespoon lemon juice and the zest from about half the lemon
1/4 cup sugar 
pinch of salt

Add Bowl 1 to Bowl 2 gently and mix (fold) them together so that the whipped cream doesn’t completely deflate.  If seeing the word "fold" in a recipe sends you screaming from the room, you aren't feeling chef-y or don't get the whole idea of folding, basically, just stir them gently together until they are just combined.  Spoon into whatever vessel strikes your fancy and put in the fridge to chill/firm up.
Grate some lemon zest over it to make it look pretty and then get online and let me know how crazy delicious, smooth, creamy, tart, sweet, crunchy, lemony and wonderful you think this is.  Really, I'll be waiting.

Go make this...  you're going to be delighted

My pictures got corrupted so I'll just have to make more and take more pics so they are to follow!


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