Friday, January 13, 2017

Fromage Frais (Fromage Blanc) in the pressure cooker ... I have an InstantPot with a BOIL setting baby!

OK OK yes, I did the yogurt thing in the pressure cooker, pretty groovy.  You can do the same on the stove and it actually takes a little less time BUT you do have to sort of babysit it so I am on fully on team pressure cooker yogurt.  I'll do that post separately.

I ALSO love the boil setting because I can make my fromage frais in it too.  Yeah. It's a quick cheese that you can make creamy, you can add to it to make it savory OR sweet, (I love it with strawberries blended in)

HERE I am merely telling you the math of it, I'll add pictures later but for now...  it's all about the words



1/2 gallon (8 cups) whole milk
1/2 cup yogurt (hey, you can make yogurt in your pressure cooker and just save some)
SCANT 1/2 cup lemon juice.


IN the instantpot, add the milk to the pot and hit BOIL
When the milk hits 125, turn off the cooker
Let it cool a little bit then add the yogurt and lemon juice.

Leave it all to rest about 10-15 minutes

Turn the cooker on BOIL again, without stirring, and let it come up to temp again.

Lift the curds out and put them in a sack cloth/ cheesecloth lined strainer, SAVE THE LIQUID, it's AMAZING to use in all cooking recipes that use liquid of any kind.

Tie the fabric above the curds, run a spoon or rolling pin through and hang until the cheese stops shedding liquid.

Tip into a bowl and chill...  I tip it out onto a board and drizzle with oil and herbs... OR you can mix the herbs in and use it as a dip with good bread or veggies... it's SO versatile!

Go make it...

just another way to use up all that instant pot yogurt we're all making HAHAHA


ok, here's the pics... 
throw the milk in the pressure cooker, set to boil and bring to 125

ADD 1/2 cup of your delicious homemade yogurt and a SCANT cup lemon juice, stir in, leave 10 mins
TURN THE COOKER ON to boil,  use a spatula to give it a gentle stir and leave it to come to a boil
 Nothing happens... THEN SOMETHING HAPPENS!!  the whey separates out...
You can see the solids ad the liquid split at the moment of the boil.  Turn the cooker off and strain the solids into a strainer, coffee filter lined or fabric, doesn't matter.
let it strain a bit, squeeze the liquid out with a cloth till it's dry curds.  SAVE THE LIQUID and use it to make bread, use it a million ways, google it :) how to use whey!
Add salt, herbs and pepper to the cheese
 Add some olive oil and mix till you like the texture
I add a little cream to smooth it out a bit
Mix till it comes together, cover, chill... EAT!

it's basically ricotta but also known as fromage frais, fromage blanc, farmers cheese, there's a hundred names but this is my version of herbed fromage frais, using my homemade yogurt. 


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