Monday, March 18, 2013

Pressure cooker steamed pudding


So, I love steamed pudding from back in the day from across the pond. My British family are steamed pudding machines and can whip one up, steam it for 4-5 hours and produce the most delicious, lovely, unctuous, tender, soft, rich, flavorful pudding you'll ever eat.

I did futz my way to a great recipe which is on the blog here:

My international tester (it's my mom!) was playing with the steamed syrup pudding and had the brainstorm to pressure cook it. NOT only to pressure cook it but then to freeze it both before and after it was cooked. Guess what? BRILLIANT! We are always trying to figure out what we'll test next in the pressure cooker and she hit the jackpot with this one.

The recipe works perfectly in the pressure cooker, in individual jars (I have to have my jar fix) and you can cook it fresh, prepare the batter then freeze it in the jars and cook it from FROZEN, you can prepare the batter, freeze the whole batch, then defrost and divide and then cook it. Seriously, she's one hell of a thorough tester.

Here's the recipe again:
In a bowl, cream
120 g sugar (4 oz)
120 g butter (4 oz)
2 beaten eggs
120 g a/p flour (4 oz)
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
drop/s of vanilla
golden syrup or jam or marmalade or fruit

Cream the sugar and butter, add the rest of the ingredients and beat until it's a thick, smooth, batter. I never bother with the Kitchen Aid, I just use beaters. 

Butter 5 mini jars or ramekins and put a tablespoon of your favorite gooey treat... jam, marmalade  golden syrup, maple syrup, pie filling.... whatever you think of you'd love warm and on top of a steamed pudding. 

Divide the batter between 5 mini jars (or ramekins), put lids on (or cover with plastic wrap) and freeze.

When you are ready to use them, remove the lids and cover loosely with greased foil. Place then in a pressure cooker over 4 1/2 cups of water, set the STEAM timer for 35 minutes. When the timer goes off, release immediately, remove from steamer, turn into a vessel for eating and EAT IT!!
Here is the long winded, picture heavy, play by play: 
Cream the butter and sugar, then add the rest of the ingredients.  I love my beaters ;)
Here are my 5 little jars, all buttered.  In two of them, I put raspberry jam, about a tablespoon.  In two of them, I poured the nectar of the Gods, Golden Syrup and one I left plain... all for science.
Beat the batter until it's smooth and creamy and very thick!
Spoon the mixture into the jars, over the filling which will be the topping!

Put the lids on, put them into a circle to take their picture then pop them into the freezer!
Take the frozen puddings out of the freezer and remove the lids.  Solid as a rock!  Make very tall tinfoil hats for them and seal around the side of the jar, we're just trying to stop water from getting in/on top.
Awww... little foil hats.  Now then, put them on a rack in your pressure cooker over at least 4 1/2 cups of water.  
LOCK AND LOAD!  Set the rocker to VENT and the STEAM timer for 35 minutes. 
DING!  *I'm dying to see how these worked!!
TA DA!  LOOK!!  Look at them! HAHAHA  They rose like CRAZY!
I grabbed the jam one first... Run a thin knife around the edge and tip into a beautiful vessel...OOOOOOOH!!!   
It looks stodgy but it's NOT!  It's light and delicious and warm and tender and absolutely perfect.  Yeah, I ate it.
Golden Syrup time!!!!! OH MY GOD
LOOK how perfectly this came out!!  Just as light, just as tender, as delicious, as easy.

WELL, well, well. 

I think we've learned something here.  There's no reason on earth NOT to eat a steamed pudding  Make a batch in jars and shove them in the freezer, bring one, two, three out when you want and steam them in half an hour and you have the perfect dessert/treat without having to steam it for 4-6 hours.  Seriously. 

OH and Tester advises that you can make the batter and freeze the whole batch in a bag, thaw it in the fridge and then steam it in the pressure cooker in individual servings the same way and it comes out just as perfectly.  *we skype cooked today so I saw how well hers rose too. 

Go and get some jars and make yourself a steamed syrup pudding. 



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  2. They look amazing! What volume/capacity jars did you use?

    1. 125ml mini mason jars. just be sure the mouth is the same width as the jar! some jars are wider at the lower part than the mouth and those don't work

  3. This is great! One question....we have, by the looks of it, the same Nesco electric pressure cooker. The rack is a lot higher than we used in our late 50's pressure cooker. Did use use the rack or did you use a lower one. Also, have you made a Christmas pud? Our bowl that we usually use but it's too tall using the rack. Have any ideas?

    1. I use the rack that comes with the Nesco or the folding "flower" style steamers or just balls of tin foil, depending on my needs and the size of the pudding bowl. Try the foil balls to lower the bowl. let me know how it works!

  4. I made this recipe this evening using T & L Golden Syrup and they were wonderful, really light not too sweet, fantastic, and real easy and quick to make
    thanks for the recipe

    1. Oh, I'm THRILLED you're happy with the recipe :) Thanks for letting me know! /tracy

  5. Could you do this in 1 big bowl? how long do you think you should cook that for (my family eat ALOT!!)

    1. the smaller ones are better, no i haven't done a large one... YET

  6. have you tried these using the high pressure at all.? and if so how long do you cook them for.

  7. Do you thaw these at all before steaming? And have you had any luck with cooking them under pressure? They look delicious!

    1. no, I steam them frozen
      I haven't steamed under pressure from frozen... I might have to try :)

  8. bookmarked!!, I really like your site!