Thursday, March 28, 2013

Alchemy day even though I feel sad

I'm feeling sad.  I've felt sad for a few days now.  I am trying not to feel sad.  I went into the kitchen hell bent on not spending a day cooking mindlessly then I realized it's what I do to try to not feel sad.

Today is steak pie (my kidneys didn't look fabulous) so I added loads of onions so it's steak and onion pie.  I pressure cooked it, details later, and it's cooling.  I went out on a limb and made my own pastry, pastry hates me as we all remember, but I made my vodka dough in the cuisinart so hopefully it will be kind to me, knowing I feel sad.  It's cooling too.  I wanted something lovely for dessert, so I made lemon curd.  It's cooling.

While everything is cooling, I decided to play with a croissant recipe and it's chilling too..  I guess there's nothing to do but sit here, have a glass of wine and wait until everything comes together when it's finished chilling.

I'll post the play by play after I play by play it.

I hope you're not feeling sad.  I hope you're feeling happy and cooking happy food that you can sit and enjoy with people who love you without making you feel small or unimportant.  You're a child of the universe, and you cook, that makes you cool! :)


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