Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Local Vegetable Farm Box delivery day!

My Greenling local farm box came today. I love the big green box on my stoop and I love opening it to discover the goodies! 

OH! SWEET!  I got a reusable bag as a little giftie.  I do love a little giftie.  

They passed a single use plastic bag ban here in Austin that started Monday.  I always have bags with me anyway but it's nice to get a new one...

There's not quite the same size haul it seems as the last two weeks but it's still delightful!  I got (and what I plan to do with it): 

We love it raw or cooked in a little olive oil and garlic and a splash of water to get it steamed quickly so it doesn't go soggy.  I think we'll cook it tomorrow.

I will say I'm a little disappointed that they keep cutting the stalk off the broccoli they send.  The stalk is delicious and one of the best parts.  They need to keep them on, I'm going to send a note to that effect.  With this beautiful head, I'm going to make a broccoli casserole quiche on the weekend.  It's CRAZY delicious  Here's the link to the recipe

Again, I love them and will roast them in tin foil with oil, salt and pepper.  When they're cool, I'll rub off their skins and slice them.  Maybe as a side, at room temperature, with the egg salad sandwiches OR more likely, as a side to the broccoli casserole quiche.

I will have some, sliced thinly and have them with my winter salad mix, and a nice orange vinaigrette.  I'll have some, sliced thin on thickly cut, heavily buttered french bread (recipe I'm working on and will post a link here)  Radishes love bread and butter and salt.

I'll cut up the greens and have them tossed in with the spinach that I saute.  Oh yeah, hot, cold and combined, that's how to do it!

Winter Salad Mix
I see a salad in our future :)  I may save some to put in a bean soup I'm making on Sunday.  I'll post the recipe when I do it. 

I like fennel simply roasted in a hot oven with some olive oil, salt and pepper, as a side.  It'll be a side on the weekend meal. 

Looks like they sent Dill, I'll use it in dips and on potatoes and in the salad.  Anything left, I'll just use 'em :) 

Red leaf lettuce
it's a BEAUTY and will make a number of fabulous salads.  I'll also use it in the new recipe white bread I alchemied the other day (recipe to follow) and I'll use this lettuce in egg salad sandwiches because there's nothing better. 

We're just going to eat 'em.  I will zest them first to keep the zest, frozen, to use for my next orangy dessert item. 

Todays lunch!  Sprinkled with sugar and slurped up greedily, I can feel the amount of juice in this one and THAT makes me a happy gal. 

So, that's my plan for the things in today's local farm box. Here's the few beauty shots I took.


Third delivery box, third time I'm absolutely delighted.  IF you are local and want to sign up for the delivery, message me, I have a code you can use to get 10% off


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