Friday, October 8, 2010

Scones, more of the same and slightly different

I cooked today.

I looked for sultanas and currents but couldn't find them for my 'classic' scone. I made them with raisins which are far too big (for my taste) and next time I'll be sure to have sultanas here. I can't believe they seem to be a specialty item at my local grocery *ugh*.

They still turned out amazing. These suckers are 2 inches high. I glazed them with a little vanilla glaze. It made them better. Also the raspberry/lemon scones are the original recipe and size, i like these better. The orange got out the door before I got a shot of them.

I delivered them to the office, husband handed them out, less than 5 minutes, gone.

I'm trying to figure how to get into some other offices to sell the scones. If the cupcake people can do it, why on earth can't I? I mean everyone likes a cupcake every once in a while but show me a savory one *ick* and sometimes people want a little bit less sweet... yeah... I need to figure out how to do this.

I think a couple of offices, one delivery a day would suit just fine, fresh out of the oven, delivered and then still loads of time for the writing and volunteering and other things I love to do. (Loopers, how I miss you).

Ok, this is my mission, ideas??

In any event, here's what I did today:

/enjoy the pics, I'll post the raisin scone recipe next time, I have a 6th grade dance to chaperone.

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