Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Pinto Beans in my Instant Pot pressure cooker, easy, no soaking... OH and they're yummy!

I make pinto beans in my pressure cooker, today in the instant pot.  I never plan ahead well enough to soak and boil and season and cook... I'm a dump and run kind of gal and this recipe is the perfect side for those us who plan badly.



1 LB bag of pinto beans
1 onion (plus garlic if you're so inclined)
1 can tomato with chili, I use Hatch but Rotel is the name brand
fat of some sort
salt pepper

***you can add whatever you like!  chilies, green roasted or red, garlic, celery (? some people do) you can add peppers, roasted or not, the list of possibilities is endless!

Drop fat in hot pressure cooker.  Fry the onion till it's tender and a little coloured.  Add the can of chili and tomato and water to come to 2 cups measure.  Add the beans and dpressure cook on high for 48 minutes.  Natural or quick (gentle) release and you're done!

METHOD and PLAY by PLAY pics

turn pressure cooker to saute and when it's hot, add some fat and the chopped onion

Add water to just shy of the 2 cup mark, add the can of tomato with chili, the liquid should come to the 2 cup mark.  Add the picked beans

Stir it all up, set the pressure to high and time 48 minutes.  It won't take too long to come to pressure because the pot was hot.  You can either quick release or just leave it, I tend to forget about it and just leave it,  open and look how beautifully cooked they are!  perfect, not mushy but cooked through, yeah, they are yummy.  THIS is when you salt and pepper and serve up.

Try these beans, they're easy, delicious and you don't have to plan ahead.  

I hope you made these and enjoy them. 


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