Friday, August 18, 2017

FLUFFY pancakes, they're airy delights that don't take too long to make and have maximum pleasure from eating them

THESE are the pancakes you want to make, light, airy, sort of guilt free and totally souffle'y, yeah that's a word, try them, they're different and sometimes, different is good, very good


These are light, fluffy and super easy... a nice change from stodgy american pancakes with all the same flavor and maple syrup carrying capabilities.


2 eggs, separated
3 TBS milk
splash vanilla
4 TBs self raising flour
2 TB sugar

beat yolks with flour, milk and vanilla
beat whites with 2 TB sugar till soft peak

combine bowls :D  then cook on  low heat until cooked through
eat with butter and syrup or honey, also so so so yummy

*I put it on fast during the cooking hahahaha  I'll fix it but for now, this is it


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