Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jambalaya in the Pressure Cooker, well, my version, I always add a blog of aioli on top

I really like jambalaya, well, I like any rice dish and when you add heat and meat and veggies and a giant blob of my homemade aioli on top, well, it sort of can't be beat.

This is a dish that can be altered so quickly and easily by what you have on hand, have fish, add it, shrimp? add it.  Different veggies?  use them.  This may or not be close to authentic or the original but it's good and it's easy and it's really good, did I mention that?

You can add or take out spice or chilis or do whatever floats your boat.  This is a base recipe, use it as the leaping off spot for your culinary adventures, OR, just make it like this, sit back with a big bowl and just enjoy some rather authentic comfort food.

OH and as a point of  warning, there are not detailed amounts here, it depends on what you have, as I said, it's a jumping off point.  Use what you have.



a few slices of Bacon
1 smoked sausage
1/2 cooked chicken (or raw if you have it, just cook it with the sausage)
*cooked seafood of your choice, I don't do raw in the pressure cooker, it overcooks
Ground annatto
1 each (chopped) of:
    green pepper (I didn't have any today)
    garlic clove (more if you want)
Bay leaf
1 small can ground chilis (optional)
1 can chopped tomatoes with chili (rotel)
2 cups chicken stock or water (don't go buy stock for this)
1 1/2 cups rice (I like basmati)


In a pressure cooker pot, fry the bacon and sliced sausage until you can smell it, the bacon is cooked to the point you like and there's little dark bits on the sausage. Add the chopped veggies and shush them around in the fat.  Add the Annatto and adobo and some salt and pepper.


Chop up some garlic... mmmmm.  Keep stirring and then add the garlic to the pot. Add as much of the chopped green chilis as you'd like.  I use half a small can.  Fry it around a bit.

Rince the rice in cold water till the water runs clear, this step really helps keep the grains separate when they cook.  Drain the rice and add it to the pot, stir for a moment to coat the rice with the flavors and spice in the pot.

Add a can of tomatoes with chilis and a half a can of water.  Add 2 cups of stock (this is my jelly stock from the pressure cooked whole chickens I do) 

Add a bay leaf, this is a fresh one but dried is fine.  Lock and load on the RICE setting on a Nesco or 12 minutes high pressure.  While that's cooking, if you're using cooked chicken, chop up as much as you'd like, I chopped 1 breast and half the dark meat of the bird I pressure cooked and picked yesterday.

Open the pot, quick release and look!  Stir gently with a wooden spoon to loosen it all up.  Add the cooked chicken meat.  IF you want to add peas, add them here, frozen.  Just stir them in and they'll heat and cook in the residual heat  IF I have fish or shrimp, I cook them quickly separately and add them after the pressure is released. 

That's it, use this as a base for a million combinations of stuff you can add to rice and make a very substantial one pot meal. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Ok, off you go, there's a pressure cooker waiting to be cooked in. 


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