Friday, August 5, 2016

DRIVE BY RECIPE; EGG AND CHIPS because there's some days you just need egg and chips

This is a new thing, There's no official "recipe", it's a talk through method.

I've had a really really bad day.
The company I thought was having me test/use kitchen equipment has tossed me aside apparently.
I fought for SIX !!!!! hours with google to keep this domain.
My beloved dog, Lola, passed and I can't seem to function without her, it's been more than a month.
I don't know if I can ever be creative again, I haven't been in my studio since Lola left me.
I have been asking for analytics to see if my new store works and yeah, no one can help me out.
I'm just not having a good time so I needed NEEDED egg and chips.

I chopped up one potato, shoved it on a rack over about an inch of water in the pressure cooker and locked and loaded (on high) for 7 minutes.

I removed the rack and left them to dry till they got white on the edges, about 2-3 minutes.

I heated some oil in a frypan and shallow fried the chips, in two batches, till they were fabulous.

I drained and salted them and put them in a dish.

I fried an egg in the chip oil.

I put the egg on the chips.  I ate it.  I ate it all.


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  1. Needed a recipe to go with my burgers for dinner so where else would I look but Tracy Cooks! 1. uses pressure cooker, 2. never fails to make hubby smile when he eats "your cooking". 3. EASY. 4. Soooo good I ate 1/3 of them before I served dinner. Yum!