Thursday, July 28, 2016

Whole Cauliflower in the Pressure Cooker.... saves time and makes presentation a beaut and oh you can slice it into steaks if you want to

This is a quickie... ready?

I love cauliflower, I pressure cooker it when it's in season and have it in the fridge for whatever I need it for, take out a hunk, throw some bechamel on it and pop it into the oven with some parmesan cheese and voila, dinner is cauliflower cheese.

Today I am cooking it whole in the pressure cooker.  You'd be surprised that it takes so much longer, I was, but this is the trick to it and you're going to be happy forever with this, ready?



Whole cauliflower
1 1/2 cup water
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar


Break the outside leaves off the head of cauliflower and cut the core out, leaving the head in tact.  Cut the bottom dry bit off the stem and trim it, cut into quarters.  This is the best bit people... cooks treat.

Put the water in the pressure cooker with salt and sugar, about a tsp each.  Shush the water around to combine, place a trivet or steamer over the water. Put the stalk/treat pieces on the steamer basket then the cauliflower.

LOCK AND LOAD TEN MINUTES!  (10!)  I know, the pieces only take three but the whole head is so much more substantially dense that it does take the full 10.

Release pressure immediately and VOILA!

You can serve it like this, whole, with a cream sauce or cheese sauce or just plain.

I am going to let this come to room temperature then slice and fry it for my mother alone dinner tonight, I'll show you that when it's done but for now... go pressure cook a whole cauliflower.


The before and the after...  yeah they look identical but I promise it's cooked :) I love that it stays so white this method...  go do it!


I'll add some recipes using this whole cauli.  Oh my favorite. 



  1. 10 minutes on high in my pressure cooker resulted in way over cooked cauliflower. Going to try 5 minutes next time. The mush did make a very interesting twist on mashed potatoes.

    1. I'm surprised, maybe not as dense a head as mine? I mean the cauliflower hahaha

  2. I use a Onepot pressure cooker, and to cook a whole cauli, I do high pressure for 3 minutes. The cauli is starting to cook as the pressure is building so it really is long enough. I've got quite a dense head too Tracy!Lol :)

  3. I have a Power Pressure Cooker XL . Per comments I cooked mine for 5 minutes with an immediate release and it was too well done. Next time I'll go for 3 minutes. It's such a great way to do a whole head of cauliflower!!

    1. Same results here with the Wolfgang Puck pressure cooker for 5 minutes.

  4. gonna try 3min using the insta pot! will post results!

  5. 10 minutes too mushy for my pressure cooker going to try 6-7 min. When it was done, i salted it and then put melted butter and italian seasoning bread crumbs over it. Yummy!!!!!

  6. Thank you all. Wil try at 5 min IP, olive oil & salt to finish

  7. I am glad I read the comments before trying. I had a head of cauliflower so large that I barely fit in in my 6 qt. pot. I also added some minced garlic in the water just to add a hint of flavor. I went for the 4" and hoped for the best. It worked perfectly!

  8. I followed above suggestions and cooked for 3 minutes, then added powdered cheese, reapplied lid for 30 seconds (to melt cheese). It was delicious!!!