Monday, July 25, 2016

Watch this space for some impending massive Nesco appliance testing

I wasn't going to mention it here but I can't even wait so I'm telling you all now!

So, I had a LONG conversation with a representative from Nesco about me using and testing and reviewing and (I will here) develop some recipes for whatever pieces they send me.

I had an hours long chat with the rep then sent a long, detailed follow up listing all the fabulous new products I was prepared to use and talk about and now... now we wait...

I sent a follow up email last week, it can't be long now.  So, until I tell you differently, don't buy any small appliances, I may have new recommendations in the not too distant future!

I will update as the details flow...

((excited))  because I love their products and can't wait to use some of the items I haven't used before.

ok... now we wait...........  it can't be THAT long I'm sure.....


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