Thursday, March 17, 2016

RECIPE SHARE, Telera or Bolillo rolls, shared from an online friend, I've tested and tested and they work every single time.

There are some recipes you come across that are easy.  Easy to read, easy to make, easy to decipher and duplicate.  I came across such a recipe for rolls from an Instagram friend "frenchiecooks" (
and he shared this with me and (I asked and he said OK) I'm going to share with you.

These are delicious, tender, rich, light, tasty with a slight chew to the crust and a light but substantial crumb to hold whatever deliciousness you can fill them with.  They crisp beautifully after the fact if you make early and reheat later.

Make these rolls, let me know how you like them...  I'm addicted to them now and fill them with everything from shredded Italian beef to Asian inspired omelettes with fried potatoes.  Anything goes in these...  go measure out some flour.

OH, right, this recipe is in metric weights.  You must weigh, I can't give you converted measurements, it won't be the same.  An electronic scale is a reasonably inexpensive investment and worth it worth it worth it, absolutely.  I use mine all the time and have never regretted the purchase, I think it was $15.00 at Sam's.

HERE is his recipe 

Telera Rolls (Bolillo rolls) 

6 grams instant yeast
14 grams salt
30 grams honey
35 grams melted butter or lard
340 grams water
535 grams (bread) flour BUT I cheat and use all purpose


Mix the wet ingredients until dissolved.  
Add flour an mix for 5 minutes, let rest in bowl, covered, for 30 minutes. 
Mix again for 5 minutes, cover and leave to double in size, 30-45 mins?.
Knead briefly by hand, divide into 8 pieces and prepare for final rise on lightly greased pan.  
You can make the rolls round or slightly oblong, do what you like :)  
Preheat oven to 425.  
Cut or press tops for decoration.  mix egg yolk with water and brush tops liberally. 
Bake 22-25 minutes, or until golden brown. 
Remove to rack to cool completely. 
Fill with your choice of ingredients and eat with joy and abandon. :D 

Here are the play by play pics from the last two batches....  

Mixed for 5, left for 30, mixed for 5, rest for 30.
 Lovely dough onto a floured piece of linen, divide to 8, shape ad leave
Bake until beautiful.  I did 15 minutes then spun then did 6.

Today, worked just the same way
mix, mix for 5, rest for 30, mix for 5, rest for 30-45
 dive into 8, leave to rise,
 egg wash and slit, bake till gorgeous and sexy

Here's a video reveal of the innards, it's glorious this bread... 

I don't post other people's recipes often but when I do it's because I've tested them and love them and think you will too :) 




  1. Are there regular measurements for the ingredients??

    1. I've had a lot of requests for the short time it's been up, give me a bit and I'll do a conversion to imperial recipe :)