Thursday, March 3, 2016

DRIVE BY RECIPE: PAN ROAST CHICKEN BREAST - make it fast, eat it with everything... immediate dinner or the best leftover chicken ever!

Yeah, well, I'm usually too poor (or stingy) to buy boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  I also think it's the least tasty, least tender, least juicy bit of the bird.  HOWEVER, my local #HEB will sometimes put their chicken on at such a sale price I simply have to buy it.

Such was the case today.

Pay close attention, this goes fast... it's a

DRIVE BY RECIPE; Pan roasted Chicken Breast


Chicken breasts, however many you want.
You MUST pound it, gently, to be the same thickness all the way across the piece.  Obviously, don't pound the thin end but just get it relatively balanced.  That's the secret to this whole process.
Plain oil, grapeseed, corn, canola, something that can get HOT

One stainless frying pan, or cast iron.  It needs to go into the oven.

Here you go:

Heat pan to smoking, add a little oil to coat the bottom of the pan, put chicken in.
DO NOT TOUCH it, seriously.
When you see color on the sides, flip, shake to be sure it's not sticking (it's not, trust me, if your pan is hot enough, you're fine)
Put pan in PREHEATED 400 degree oven, hit timer 10 minutes.

Remove pan, remove chicken, cover and leave to rest 10 minutes. IF you're in the mood, make a quick pan sauce by adding a little flour to make a roux then add some stock or water to just shush around the pan to get the bits up.  OR you can simply pour in a little heavy cream and a splash of chicken stock into the pan and shush it around till it gets thick. Add chicken back into sauce for a few minutes so soak up some.

Add any juices around your chicken to the sauce, slice chicken, serve, eat, repeat :)

Here's the shots:

Pound chicken, into a screaming hot pan, flip and into a 400 degree oven for 10, then rest for 10 then eat :)


OR to do just one for sandwiches later :)


LOOK how juicy and tender that chicken is...  wow, sometimes I delight myself :D

I wanted a vinaigrette for this piece of chicken.  I'm going to slice it and use half in a sandwich and half with a salad.  Heat the pan and add a little olive oil, a little vinegar and shush it around to scrape up the dark bits, add a smidge of water and pour it into a little jar and use later... mmmmmm



  1. Like you, Tracy, I find boneless, skinless chicken breast to be too bland to bother. However, this looks good enough to try and if YOU say it is, it must be, so I will make it this weekend and let you know. I am here today to get your pork roast recipe and saw this on my way.

    1. the two tricks, screaming SCREAMING hot pan, one flip when it's brown, 10 in the oven and 10 resting tented... the sliced pic was three hours after i cooked it!! THREE HOURS and it was so juicy and tender... wow. don't overcook it :D let me know how it goes!