Monday, July 21, 2014

Smoked Pork Tenderloin in my Masterbuilt Smoker

Ok, ok, ok.  I had no intention whatsoever of smoking a tenderloin!  A regular pork loin, oh sure, but not a tenderloin.  My husband brought a package (of 2) home, I think he thought it was a loin.  He said I should smoke it, I thought not.

Just as a quick back story, I own the Masterbuilt 30inch Smokehouse, 4 rack, in case anyone is keeping track.  I got it last week, this is my second foray into the world of smoking.  I may be hooked.

He left to go to work and I was searching around the fridge for stuff to smoke and there they were, the little tenderloins staring at me.  I usually brown then, rub with good french mustard then roll in Panko and roast them high.  Crispy and pink, that's how I like my tenderloins.

LOOK at what I did!!  SERIOUSLY?! 

I figured I'd give it a try anyway, i didn't want a neon pink smoke ring, that's not why I'm in this smoking thing, I'm in it for flavor and juicyness and tenderness.  I achieved all three in spades today. You want some crazy tender, juicy and lightly smoked pork tenderloins?  Cook them like this:


2 pork tenderloins, dried and silver skin removed
whatever rub you want, mine was a soft but definite sprinkling of:
smoked paprika
garlic powder
onion powder
ground coriander
ground cumin
a good drizzle of plain oil

Rub seasoning on meat, smoke at 225 for 2 hours with applewood smoke and beer in the water bowl.  I checked the temp and it was 140, that's MORE than enough for pork tenderloin.  I took them out, wrapped them in foil and let them sit for about 15 minutes.  Slice. Eat.

Rub the tenderloins with the spices and leave them in the sink to soak them up while the smoker heats to 225, it took about 20.  Oh and the sink? It's where I season all my meats, I can clean it well before and after and there's no dishes!

I took the rack out of the smoker and put the meat on it in here, that way it's faster to just pop it in the slot and not futz with placement, just shove the rack in and close the door.  Less heat loss.
I had preheated to 225

See how easy, just slide the meat into the smoker and I poured a beer in the water bowl.  I soaked the applewood chips, filled the hopper and slipped it in the side and dumped it immediately
I set the timer for 2 1/2 hours but knew I would check at 2

AFTER 2 hours, I snuck a peek and shoved a thermometer into the meat, it was a little better than 140, my high end temp for tenderloins.  I took them out and wrapped them in foil to rest for about 15 minutes.  The smell is AWESOME.
The FIRST person to complain to me that there's no smoke ring is banned for life.  I wasn't looking for dusty, dry, neon pink rimmed, deeply, thickly, smoked pork.  I was looking for delicately smoked piece of meat that still has the flavor of PORK and a light rub and painfully juicy and tender meat.  That is exactly what I got, I'm thrilled. :)

I'd made my scalloped potatoes as a side and it's what Connor and I had for lunch.  I will post the potatoes recipe separately.

Here's the beauty shots. There's absolutely nothing else to say.  Nothing.

Smoke some pork tenderloin.  Really.  Wow.

OH and buy one... this is the one:



  1. Nice looking recipe! Looks juicy!

    You should look into getting a remote control meat thermometer with probes. You run the probes through the smoker vent and put them in the meat when you put the meat in the smoker and there is one thermometer that sits on top of the smoker that sends the signal to another thermometer that you keep with you in the house. Great stuff, no having to open up the smoker to check anything, no going outside when it's cold to check, etc.

    I got this one and it's pretty nice- there is an older model that's a little cheaper but one of the probes is rounded for monitoring the temp of the smoker while this new one has two pointed probes so you can measure two cuts of meat independently.

    1. thanks for the suggestion and the link. I do have a few thermometers but I always forget to use them :)

  2. look's very nice, that's what i like quick and simple

  3. Looks great! When I did mine i did a few loads of apple wood and did have that smoke ring you were talking about. In about 2 hours I'm going to heed your advice and do one load and avoid the heavy, smoky flavor that mine had last time.

    I have that same smoker it! Try doing a spiral ham on it! Won't be disappointed! Double smoked goodness!

  4. Awesome. I just got my 30" Masterbuilt and was looking for something to smoke. Your article convinced me to try the tenderloin. Not too much time, not expensive if I don't do it correcly, and the pictures look great. Thanks

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  6. I hate you. Not really but I want this tenderloin so bad! I also want bread. Loaves and loaves of fresh baked bread.

  7. Hi, your article is highly instructive. Sure would be helpful for me to review this article, today I actually smoked Pork using electric smoker. Electric Smoker usually saves time in smoked Pork and does retain the nutritive value of Pork. It is guaranteed method of fast smoking in Pork.

  8. Hi Tracy, I've had my Masterbuilt 30" smoker for a couple of months but had not thought about doing a pork tenderloin until I saw you article. Smoked two today for my Christmas dinner. It was great, cooked fast and very moist and tender. Smoked a couple a sweet potatoes too, had to give them a head start but they were yummy. Thanks for your article. Follow link to photo.

  9. I cooked this just like you said and pulled it out to rest after 2 hours (I have the same electric smoker) and it was absolutely fantastic. We made 2 tenderloins for Easter and everybody raved about my cooking skills LOL. I have decided I am going to make another one today. Thank you so much from Mark J in Texas. I need to look at you brisket recipe next.

    1. oh that delights me! I'm thrilled you liked it!!

  10. Did you have the vent open or closed?

    1. i keep it open a little to keep the air flowing up and through the meat
      let me know how it goes!! :D

  11. Hi. I only did one tenderloin and it was done in a little over an hour at 225°. Is that not normal? I mean it was perfectly cooked and super juicy. The tenderloin was approximately 1 lbs.

    Wondering if the thermometer was not properly calibrated. At the same time I also had a cast iron pan in which I made scalloped potatoes and those took approximately 2 hours.

    I had the cast iron pan on the stove below (sautéing onions, rendering bacon, etc). Also wondering if resdidual heat from the cast iron and also reflective properties of the pan (it was on the rack above the pork) had anything to do with this.

  12. What was the eight of your tenderloins?

  13. Do you have to soak the wood chips? I smoke ribs before and didn't. I'm a newbie!

  14. Soak in water, beer? Does it matter?

  15. My mouth starts to water now. Well, masterbuilt is one of the best electric smokers loved by many people. It also has verion 40 if you check out on the markets.

  16. Got one on mine right now, only exception is I have a dutch oven of mac n cheese sitting above it... smoked mac n cheese (2 pkg blue box, add 2 eggs and a half cup shredded cheddar to the mix and diced onion on top) rocks !

    1. Oh wow! I never thought of smoking mac and cheese. Especially the cheap stuff in the box. Just got my smoker for Christmas and I'm definitely trying this! Thanks!!!

  17. Got one on mine right now, only exception is I have a dutch oven of mac n cheese sitting above it... smoked mac n cheese (2 pkg blue box, add 2 eggs and a half cup shredded cheddar to the mix and diced onion on top) rocks !

  18. Looks goo going to give it a try with venison tenderloins with applewood