Saturday, July 26, 2014

Smoked (BBQ) Pork Ribs in my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker, a few minutes prep and you're golden by dinnertime!

RIBS!  there's not a soul who doesn't love RIBS!!  PORK RIBS!

I prefer St. Louis cut to baby backs, I think they are meatier and tastier.  I got some on sale today so it's smoked/BBQ ribs for dinner!  I'm making my potato salad to go with and a large, icy cold, beer.

TRACY'S SMOKED RIBS (in an electric smoker)

Get your hands on some ribs and yank the membrane off the back, season them up however you like.  Today, I used:
garlic powder
onion powder
smoked paprika
rub it in all in

Throw in on preheated (225) (I have a Masterbuilt) smoker with apple wood chips (soaked) for about 4 hours. 

I keep top vent slightly open so the smoke draws through and I can tell when there's no more smoke.  I refill 2-3 times about every 90 minutes.  I don't like TOO much smoke so I don't smoke the last while. 


Here's the picture heavy INSTRUCTIONS and chit chat


As always, I cut the back membrane off the ribs, cut them into hunks with scissors and toss them in an immaculately clean sink.  Why dirty a bowl?  

Sprinkle whatever dry spices you want on them and then drizzle with oil.  Rub it all in, I love that part, I feel chef-y and involved.  Considering there's nothing to DO while these things cook/smoke, I feel as though a good rub in the beginning makes me matter to the whole affair.  Leave them to rest about half an hour, luckily, that's about how long it takes the smoker to be up to temperature, 225. 


Throw them in the smoker, on different shelves, with loads of space between (I didn't take pics of that) and smoke them 4+ hours.  I am not going to test them before 3 1/2 hours. 

Go have some wine, make a side dish or get online and cyber chat with people you love and miss who are far away.

I tested and decided I wanted them to go longer so at 4 1/2 hours I pulled them.  We ate them like cavemen, here's some beauty shots.

I pulled from from the smoker and threw them on a sheet pan, I tore one and cut another so you could see the insides and how they were.  They are tender but don't fall off the bone, you have to bite them, you have teeth.  They are soft and unctuous and meaty and tasty and there's some crispy fat on the edges that sort of seeps in, yeah, they're crazy good.  I don't put sauce on my ribs but if you are so inclined, you can have sauce on the side after they are done OR you can thin some BBQ sauce and paint them about 30 mins before you are going to eat to let them glaze.


The man liked them, I got a fist bump and a "good ribs".  High praise around here indeed!  o_O

That's how I do ribs, pork ribs.  I am going to try a pork butt later in the week and make some bread for pulled pork.  My plan is to grab a nice fatty brisket next and smoke it about 24 hours then yank off the fat and make some burnt ends, you're going to want to be near me when I do that one! :)

Go smoke something,



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  3. Tracey Cooks. I bet you do. If I could have more that one wife, from the sounds of it, you'd be a good choice to add. After decades of using wood or charcoal smoker's, I finally added to my smoker collection, a 40" Masterbuilt Electric Smoker...and boy..I have already seen how trouble free it is compared to my other smokers and grills. I am presently cooking my first load of meat in it to share with the a slab of spare ribs just for us...3 big pork butts to share...and a half dozen cornish game hens..all in the smoker at one time..and still have room for a brisket if I had one. This smoker so far seems awesome. I put everything in about 3am and went to bed. I love the way we can set it and forget it with this smoker! My other smokers I have to baby sit them the entire time. After about 5 hours of sleep, I am up this Sunday morning to check the progress. Everything looks really good...I just added the cornish game hens . I did not think they would need to smoke as long. My plan is to smoke a total of about 12-13 hours...and since I just added the hens...that leaves about about 5 hours for them. Honesty...the ribs look done and was tempted to pull them out...the bones are starting to show on the ends, ''Butt'' (bbq joke) after trying out the pork butt, we are doing for pulled pork, they were not I will let the ribs stay in longer...hoping it is not a mistake to cook them the entire 12-13 hours. I'm now anxious to see how my 12-13 hours of cooking time plan will work out. Anyway..I was surfing the net to look for how long to cook things and saw your site and it started my day out with a smile and a laugh. It's clear you understand that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, lol.

  4. Great article, totally what I needed.