Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Green beans in the pressure cooker, yet another vegetable that takes 3 minutes. Cook a pile ahead and use them for the week

3 minutes, just EXACTLY like all the other vegetables I've cooked.  SERIOUSLY?  THREE?  AGAIN?  

THIS is the pressure cooker I use now: 

Well, it is.  I can't even fill type enough to make this a whole post.  I bought some beautiful fresh green beans, topped them (I leave the tails on ) and put them on a steamer rack in the pressure cooker over about 3/4-1 inch of water.  I salted the water too, just a bit.  I locked and loaded on high pressure and set it for 3 minutes.  Quick release and (for pete's sake!) they were perfectly tender crisp. 

Before and after:

Yep, yet another vegetable that takes 3 minutes.   

I have 1.5 lbs here but I will buy more next time and pressure cook the whole batch.  I'll ice them then put them in a big Ziploc in the fridge so I can shush up a few with any meal.  I'll toss them in a little olive oil and butter and fry them quickly, they nuke fine, I'll toss them in any salad or stir fry OR have them cold with some olive oil, lemon juice and freshly grated Parmesan as a fabulous cold treat or salad. 

3 minutes, again.   Go load up on fresh beans, pressure cook them, store them and enjoy the bounty of the season.



  1. Do you think I can do this with frozen beans?

    1. sure, (the raw ones)
      but fresh are SO much better!! :D