Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bacon Maple Glazed Bacon with Nuts, did I mention it's Bacon? and Maple and nuts? You can look but you should make it, it's painfully delicious

I make glazed bacon.  Everyone does.  It's not a recipe, it's a fabulous idea, a method.  Mine?  Well, I make brown sugar and cayenne bacon.  I like the combination of the hot and the sweet and the smoke of the bacon.  I lay bacon on a pan, sprinkle it with brown sugar and cayenne and bake it until it's crisp.  I eat it purely for the enjoyment of eating it even though every time I make it, I pretend it's for some higher cause.  It never it, I just eat it.

I have an evil friend who throws culinary gauntlets before me.  This is one of hers.

I haven't done the bacon it in pure maple syrup AND sugar AND nuts.  My [evil] friend told me to make this.  I did make this.  Now, I can never UNknow how to make this.  Since she trapped in my head, I'm going to pay it forward and now, now it's trapped in yours.  

You're welcome. :D

Maple and Brown Sugar glazed Bacon with Pecans

Line a sheet pan with parchment and line it with as much bacon as you want, flat. 
Pour a little maple syrup (the REAL stuff!) over the bacon and coat it lightly.
Sprinkle brown sugar then chopped pecans over the bacon. 
BAKE in a preheated 225 oven for 60-75 minutes.

Remove from oven, transfer to a rack to harden/setup/cool/crystalize. 

EAT another piece
Put it in a sandwich, on a sausage bun, on a hot dog, over ICE CREAM or just eat it.

You're welcome, now YOU can never UNKNOW this as well ;) 
Ahh, the last of my beloved New Mexico pecans...
The final beauty shot:

I'm trying to think of a truly inspired and awesome method to use this...  I can't think of anything so I'm simply going to eat it. (maybe over ice cream?!)  oh YEAH! 

I'll get back to my regular food stuff in a bit but for now, we bacon.


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