Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Veggie Fried Rice

This is not a picture of my rice, of course, it's what I see when I open my back door... the girls are always trying to get into the house and if I don't go outside, they knock! HAHAHA    Their names are: Chicken, Alouette, Martini, Peck, Sunny and Edna.
But, as per usual, I digress.  Today is about food for other people, food that can sit and wait for them while I escape for an evening of fun and giggling. 

On Friday night I had a date, well, a date with 9 girlfriends, to watch a movie (Magic Mike of course!), eat snacks, wear jammies and drink wine.  Really, is there a better kind of date?

I made Ciabatta and my new favorite onion/cheese dip as a snack to take and then I made a chocolate meringue pie because there are few things that will delight a room full of women in jammies than a chocolate meringue pie.  

Anyway, I knew the boys had to be fed as well and I wanted to make something that I could leave and they could simply reheat and eat.  Enter my quickie go-to meal, veggie fried rice.  I had veggies left from my Greenling (Austin) local farm box so it was an easy set up. 

*I can't write this as a recipe, it's a method, so this is the only version...  

I DO realize that I put chicken in my vegetable fried rice.  I like chicken and I had poached a chicken in the pressure cooker earlier in the week and had a little left over.  You do not have to use chicken of course.

I had 1/2 (or a bit more) cup of cooked basmati rice in the fridge so that went on the island. 

I put 1 cup of brown rice in my pressure cooker with 1 3/4 cup water and a bit of salt and locked and loaded for 18 minutes. 

I cut up all the veggies I could find in the fridge, in small, evenly sized, pieces.

When the rice was cooked, I combined the white (basmati) and brown and put it on a sheet tray to cool.  

When I was ready to cook, everything else was ready too, we love that.  

Here's the long winded, loads of pictures, play by play: 

The best rice for fried rice is day old rice.  On the days I make this and don't have "old" rice, i cook it and spread it out on a tray to cool and dry out.  In today's case, I had both so I simply combined them.  I chopped up veggies and lined them up (this isn't all of them but I wanted to grab a picture).  I also had broccoli and peas and green onions.  You can add ANY veggie you like.  

I get a local farm box delivered to my house and I think this is a great way to use up the second halves of any vegetables you get and want to finish up.  You absolutely can add cooked vegetables too, just toss them in at the end and cover for a minute or so to warm them through, no one wants overcooked, soggy veggies... euwww.

This is my $7.99 Ikea wok, I love it but they don't sell it anymore at my local store.  It's well used, can you tell?  :)
I whisked 3 eggs with a drop or two of sesame oil, my condiments, soy, chili paste, oyster s sauce, mirin and sesame oil.  That's my garlic slicer (I love that thing!) there's a couple of cloves in there. First off I heated some oil, threw my eggs in , scrambled them and tossed them into a bowl to wait for me.
Then I heated more oil and threw in garlic and ginger paste... fry fry fry. 

Then I threw in the veggies... fry fry fry
then I threw in more veggies... fry fry fry
I removed them to the same bowl as the egg and added the chicken to the pan and fry fry fry and dumped the chicken in the bowl too...  I'm not authentic but I'm fast and it's good so keep reading.
A little more oil in the pan and in goes the rice... fry fry fry  Add some oyster sauce and spices and toss around then dump all the veggies, chicken and egg back in. Toss it around for a few moments.  Add your spices of choice, oyster sauce, mirin, salt and pepper, chili... whatever you like.
It's looking like dinner! Not bad for 10 minutes work.  Add some peas! Cover it for a moment or two...
open it up...and you have DINNER!  Transfer it to a pretty blue bowl and leave it there for your men to help themselves (this looks wetter than it really was, it wasn't soggy and yukky... it was absolutely delicious!)

it's quick.
it's easy.
it uses up everything in your fridge.
it's healthy.
it's delicious. 
it freezes beautifully.

go make yourself some everything fried rice!  you'll love it.


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