Wednesday, February 6, 2013

LOCAL BOX, Sausage and Greens Pasta

This is part of my new LOCAL FARM BOX section of the blog.

This is some of what I cooked from the Greenling Local Farm Box I received today.

Sausage, greens, garlic and roast beets with Egg Noodles

There's probably not going to be formal measurement recipes in this section.  There will be play by plays of what I did with the food that got delivered to me that day.  

I WILL write a formal recipe upon request.

From today's basket: Mustard greens, beets

Skin your favorite sort of sausage.  These are medium Italian sausages.  Use your favorite
Ahh, here's the naked sausages the their casings... toss the casing. Heat a little bacon fat in your large fry pan, yeah, I'm a bacon fat sort of girl.  Break up the sausage as you drop it into the hot pan... shush it around and try to break it up even more as it cooks.
wow,s 5 sausages broken up makes a lot of sausage!  Fry it until it's beautiful, brown and with little crispy bits. yeah, you love this!
When it's cooked through and yummy looking, drop your handful of chopped greens on top. This is a mixture of mustard greens and beet greens.  Washed and dropped straight in, the water helps steam everything.  I just lifted it with fingers out of the water and straight onto the sausage.  Add a little salt and LOADS of fresh cracked pepper. I also grated some fresh nutmeg over it.  Greens love Nutmeg.
Fry it a moment and toss it around, look how fast it shrinks!!  Slice 2 large cloves of garlic into it, using my new favorite kitchen toy the Garlic Slicer from Pampered Chef.  Keep tossing over a few times. Then cover it.
After a minute or so, LOOK!  it's cooked down to nothing, the garlic, since it's paper thin is cooked and the liquid has made a VERY light broth/sauce.  Drop your cooked noodles onto the mixture and toss around.
After a few tosses, the pasta soaks up the liquid and becomes infused with the sausage and greens and garlic.  Seriously, how tasty does THIS look??
Serve it in BIG bowls, it's light and tasty and a lovely change from thick tomato or cream based sauces.  I sliced the roasted beets over it.  Then I grated some good, sharp, nutty, Parmesan over that!  OH, lovely!!
Here's just a couple, oooh la la shots
Box 1, meal 1, YES!

/get fresh veggies... make this... 

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