Sunday, January 13, 2013

Linguine in the Pressure Cooker

Yes, I am on a bit of a mission with this pressure cooker, I want to try non traditional things (in my mind) that we can cook in the pressure cooker.

Today, pasta.  Now then, I did try the macaroni and cheese in the pressure cooker:

and that worked just fine, I hadn't tried long pasta and that's what we have in store today.

I think it might end up a great gummy ball of goo but I'm up for the challenge, the experience and the experiment.  I figure what else do I have to do on a Sunday morning, well except laundry, cooking, cleaning, vacuuming those stairs (I hate vacuuming stairs), sweeping the floor, wash the kitchen floor, clear the chicken coop, write, make a hat, call my mother, grade some papers and plan next week's lesson for Connor's homeschooling so c'mon, let's cook pasta.

I rummaged through my cupboard on this Sunday morning and found a box with not quite enough linguine in it for a meal for the family but with the perfect amount for an alchemy experiment in my kitchen.  Here we go.

Tracy's Linquini in the pressure cooker

1 handful linquine noodles, broken in half
enough water to cover
olive oil
pepper, lots of it
grated parmesan
(a little bit of artichoke heart cut up) I had some and added it in, it's purely optional!

Quick instructions:

Throw the noodles in the pot and cover with water so they just float.  Squirt some olive oil in the water (si the pasta doesn't foam up and mess up your valves.
Shush it around, add salt.
Lock and load, 7 minutes.
Quick Release, set to Brown
Add cream, pepper, artichoke and cheese, cook down till desired consistency

Here's the long winded commentary and beauty shots:

Ok, here we go, in a dry pot add the pasta.  This goes against ALL my culinary experience but hey, I'm all about new adventures so try not to look, just do it.  Add oil and water and salt.  Like the action salt picture?
Lock and load for 7 minutes on high pressure.  After 7 minutes, quick release and LOOK!  it's cooked and it's NOT a great gummy ball of goo!
I added some cream and loads and loads of pepper and a little chopped artichoke heart.  Not bad at all and you end up with linguine cooked in the pressure cooker without draining or boiling pots of water or anything.  It's a little softer than I like my pasta so for me I might go 6 minutes. It's the perfect texture for Husband who likes his a little softer.

I think it's worth a try...  I like it for kiddo, he doesn't have to walk from the stove with a great pot of  boiling pasta to drain, it's quick, it's EASY and it's tasty... I can't figure out anything about this I don't like.

Go, make it.


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  1. Awesome! Thanks for this very detailed process for linquine in a pressure cooker, and illustrated too. (the old saying, 'A picture says a 1,000 words) I love noodles in general. I must give this a try!