Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pressure Cooker Pork Ribs (St. Louis Cut Ribs)

I stopped by buy pork this morning.  Actually, I stopped for milk but apparently I'm incapable of sticking to any culinary plan.

That being said, I love the pork in Texas, it tastes really "porky".  I bought 2 pork loin roasts for my peameal (another post) but saw they had St. Louis Cut Pork Ribs on sale.  I found the smallest rack and rushed home to experiment.

We know I've become a little bit obsessed with my Pressure Cooker.  It simply amazes me.  Meat is meatier, chicken is chickenier and everything just tastes that little bit richer and more flavorful and the time is cut easily by a third.

Tracy's Pressure Cooker St. Louis Ribs

1 rack pork ribs
1 can beer
a little water
your favorite bbq sauce
salt and pepper

I cut the slab into 3 pieces so that it'd fit in the pressure cooker.  I salted and peppered, liberally, each section and browned it.
I added one beer and about the equivalent of a can of water to the pressure cooker and put a steamer rack inside.
Pile the ribs on the rack, overlapping is ok, obviously. Set Timer for 35 minutes. At the end of 35 minutes, let the pressure reduce naturally and transfer the ribs to a board.
Coat the ribs with your favorite bbq sauce (I coated mine very lightly but feel free to load it on!)  Add about a cup of water to the bottom of the pot and set timer for another 10 minutes. Preheat your broiler!

It took all my willpower not to rip these to shred and eat them now.  See the lengths I'll go to for a complete recipe?  Put the ribs on a rack and either coat with bbq sauce or I just dipped my brush in the sauce/water combo at the bottom of the pot and painted them.
broil a couple of minutes, until they look like this  Ok there are words.  These are perfect.  Juicy.  Rich.  Porky.  Tender.  The meat has a slight pull but it comes clean from the bone.  Juice ran down my hands. Finger Licking Good.

I have never.ever. made ribs anywhere close to this good before and I have made some killer ribs.
Connor LOVES these.  I love these.  You WILL love these.

Wrap them in foil to hold them if you make them early in the day and feel the need to put a barrier between you and them...  really...

If you make nothing else I've suggested.  Make these.



  1. These are brining for tonight! Thanks for the great tips!

    1. oh you're welcome! I hope you love them as much as I do ;)

    2. Rainy today in the TX Hill Country. Found your pressure cooker recepy for ribs. TERRIFIC!!! Followed all the way except no sweet BBQ sauce. Just used the drippings.

      Also, McCormick's Montreal Steak rub and fine ground Brazilian coffee was added after the salt and pepper. In Brazil, where we are from, we don't go for sweet BBQ.


      Will be doing this OFTEN!!!

      Roberto Q

  2. How tall is that steamer rack and where can I get one?

    1. a couple of inches tall, it came with the pressure cooker :) any steamer basket will work though

    2. Qvc has a great basket insert set up for 4 or 6+ qt pressure cookers.2 baskets,silicone cake pan w/lid.

    3. you can also use balls of aluminium foil :D if you don't want to shop

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  4. For the 10 minute cook time referenced, quick release afterwards or natural? New to pressure cooking😳