Thursday, April 21, 2011

Teriyaki chicken with rice stick noodles

So, I sort of felt like something with an oriental flair.  I sort of felt like pasta.  I had 2 chicken breasts in the fridge.  Bone in, skin on and they'd been on sale for $1./lb.  They cost me a cool $1.98.

I'd made a killer cold thai inspired peanut noodle salad that I'd taken to a "mommies who cocktail" meeting recently so didn't feel like a repeat of that.  Plus, I'd cheated and used thin spaghetti so I needed a softy slurpy oriental noodle fix.  

I was inspired the other night.  Mid week teriyaki chicken with noodles might be on my new short list of quick tasty meals out of the bottles in the fridge in the middle of the week.  Sure, the chicken roasts for 45 minutes but while it does you don't have to DO anything or you can DO everything else and when it's done, mix it up and eat.

This isn't a "recipe" because I made it up as I went, it's a process and you can do it too. Add any veggies you have, delete the veggies I have.  Use frozen or fresh.  Don't chop the chicken, mix the noodles with the sauce and serve with a whole roasted breast.  You feeling it??


2 chicken breasts
package rice stick noodles
bottled teriyaki sauce
grated ginger
grated garlic
slivered 1/2 onion
salt, pepper
wine, water, chicken stock
toasted sesame oil
sugar snap peas
*I had a few snow peas which you'll see in the pics

Rub the chicken breasts with some oil, salt, pepper and teriyaki sauce, roast at 375 for 45 minutes.

Look at the juice and sticky beauty that is on the pan, THIS is the base for the sauce! Dump it into a saucepan with some grated garlic and ginger, slivered onion and some additional teriyaki, taste it, thin it with water or wine or chicken stock.  Boil like mad and taste it again, it should be a cup and a half of liquid.

These are the rice stick noodles.  The package said 5-8 minutes, I set it to boil for 6 then added the sugar snap peas to cook them the final few minutes.

Meanwhile, deskin and debone the chicken.  Cut into cubes and toss into the sauce. Mix it about and leave it on low heat.

Drain the noodles and sugar snap peas and return to the pot.  Add the chicken in sauce mixture. Stir it about and sprinkle a couple of green onions on top, I like the fresh crunch and gentle onion addition.

SERVE!  Slurp it up. Child and I loved it.  Husband ate some then got seconds but doesn't ever comment on what I cook.  It might have passed his, "I'm not dead from it" scale.

I think it's a lovely tasty light meal and I think it should be a fresh addition to your repertoire.  Let me know what you think!


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