Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Artichoke Dip

Artichoke dip
Ok, get a fast pen, this is a quickie, a goodie and it'll be your new 'go to'. 

You will be making this to take to every function you go to.  You'll start to think it's dull but your audience will be delighted, it's a fantastic, easy, go to and once you've made it a couple of times they'll be waiting in the wings for you to make it again.

It is THREE ingredients: In a bowl, combine even amounts of

1.  mayonnaise 
(NOT low fat or half fat or thin or skinny or diet or anything other than REAL mayonnaise, if you use low fat no egg fake oil mayonnaise-like condiment, you can't read my blog anymore ;) 

2.  fresh grated Parmesan cheese
(yes, go get the triangle of cheese and grate it, you'll notice the difference.  there's only 3 ingredients, they ought to be good.  Now then, that being said, you can certainly cheat and use the pregrated/shredded stuff in the round tubs at your deli section, but try to get the better stuff) 

3.  artichoke hearts, chopped
 (I buy them in the giant jars at costco, they're in oil and I drain them and rinse them. 

Mix the ingredients in a big bowl.  If you're desperate for specific amounts, 1 cup of each is a good amount.  The nice thing about this recipe is you can make a teenie one just for you or a gigantic one for 25 people.  This is another one of those processes rather than recipe. 

Ok, sometimes, to be artsy fartsy, I grate a teensie bit of lemon zest and squeeze about a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice in. It hardly seems worth it but it really makes a big difference. Another cheat is to add a teenie bit of cream to thin it out, it won't puff so much but it will be saucier, it's a to taste thing.  Do remember to add some pepper, no salt is needed because of the cheese. 

Plop the mixture in a buttered oval and I bake it at 400 until it puffs and it golden and, well, you saw, it's stupidly beautiful and it's light and stays puffy for a long time. 

Eat it with sea salt pita chips but anything, chip or cracker will do. Be sure to let me see the beauty shot when you make it. 

I feel the need for some suddenly, Connor loves it as an after school snack and you can make it in the morning, or the day before and bake it off last minute which is handy. 


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