Thursday, March 31, 2011

Boiled Eggs

Good morning, it's boiled eggs 101.

Don't flip away, seriously, I got asked for basic stuff so here we go.

A boiled egg is a beautiful thing when done correction and a dismal disappointment when done wrong.  I am going to share MY egg system and if all goes right, you'll be a happy camper with a beautiful thing on your plate every morning.

I will say, as simple and basic as a boiled egg is, you must have good toast.  I suggest making the old lady bread and the next day making relatively thick toast with it, butter heavily and let it wait for your egg.  It's solid enough not to sog out on your while the egg cooks.  Alternately, make your own toast ;)

Put 1 or 2 eggs in your favorite saucepan, cover them with 1 inch of water and then remove them!  HA!  way to measure the exact perfect amount of water! Put the eggs on the counter beside the stove and turn the water on medium high, until it's a rolling boil.  GENTLY put your eggs (extra large for this version to work right) in the boiling water.  When it returns to the rolling boil (which will be pretty instant) set your timer for 4 minutes.  Leave them to boil and attend to your toast!  When the timer goes off, pull the pan off the heat and let it stop boiling completely.  Remove the eggs.

In order for this to work you also need one more thing, it's mandatory, a ridiculous egg cup.  No, really, it matters.  I like my ridiculous set; I used to have a beautiful plain white set of egg cups but really, why?  Go silly whenever you can!

Ok, butter and slice your toast into soldiers (again, non optional!).  Put your egg in the egg cup fat side up and with a serrated knife, whack it 1/2 inch down then saw quickly through to flip off the lid.

Use a teensie weensie spoon to scoop the white out of the lid, look how beautifully cooked it is!!  The white is set and the yellow is still runny, no stringy bits or mystery raw eggy blobs, nope, it's a lovely thing.

Dunk the toast to sop up the warm runny yellow and the teenie spoon to scoop out the white, also eaten on the toast soldiers.

My contribution to college students everywhere who hate the fact they can't peek into their egg to the desired doneness.

OH and if you have a large egg, do 3 minutes 45 seconds.  Small or medium eggs, well don't even bother because the effort isn't worth the feed :)

Let me know how it goes! Enjoy breakfast!!


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