Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Floured Bacon

 My Nana retired to Mesa, Arizona with her best friend, Bertha. Bertha was from somewhere in the South and had some fantastic recipes. My most favorite dessert is Bertha's carrot cake and unfortunately I don't have the recipe anymore. I don't know if it'd ever taste quite so good without her anyway. She was taken many many years ago but I think of her still sometimes.

One of the things Bertha did was microwave bacon. Ok that's not so wacky in the scheme of things but back in the day it was cutting edge! Oh and maybe telling you she floured the bacon first then nuked it on newspaper (which I am absolutely sure enhanced the flavor) makes it odder?

I was pondering my world this morning, feeling quite reflective. I have an idea to try to help me make a few dollars and that made me think of Nana. I also decided that I'm getting a tattoo and I finally decided what it is, it's going to be ivy on my left arm. Nana's name is Ivy. I can't say 'was' even though she's been gone from our eyes for 12 years, only gone from our eyes, she's ever present in our minds, hearts, memories and in my  inspiration.  Anyway I'm waxing way too poetic here, basically, I had a hankering this morning while I thought of Nana and Bertha.  Bacon.  Floured bacon.

There's no bells, whistles or great culinary brilliance here.  Here's my breakfast:

A few pieces of paper from the local Statesman and 3 slices of bacon.  Put the newspaper in the microwave and lightly flour your bacon.  I cut my bacon slices in half so it looks like more!  You can heavily pepper the flour if you are in the mood, I wasn't today.

Put the floured bacon on some paper towel (or not) and cover with a double piece of paper towel.  You need the paper towel on the top, you don't need it on the bottom.  It depends on your concern with eating newspaper ink.  I don't have any but I transfered the bacon from the island to the microwave on the paper towel and, frankly, forgot to take it off.  Microwave on high for 3 minutes (in my 1100 watt machine)

I like VERY crispy bacon.  3 minutes will give you VERY crispy bacon.  Do it less if you must but don't tell me.  The bacon stays very flat, straight and has a slightly thicker feel without actually being thick cut bacon.  I really like it this way and am glad I had the hankering today.

The bacon is also very dry when it comes out, the flour absorbs fat and so does the paper and paper towels, there's condensation below the paper but no puddles of grease.  When I want bacon grease, I cook the bacon on a rack over a sheet pan in the oven, 425 for 15 minutes and I get crisp bacon and a sheet pan full of  grease that I put in jars and use to cook.  Did I mention I'll never be a size 2? or any single digit?  or hardly any of the lower double digits?  But I digress, this isn't about my ever expanding girth, it's about bacon!   Look at these beauty shots!
Luckily, I had a loaf of old lady bread from yesterday that perfectly fit my bacon slices.  YES I did eat most of it before it managed to make it into my sandwich.  I believe we have had this conversation before, I am incapable of NOT munching on cooked bacon.  In any event, look at these lovely ripe tomatoes, I sliced one thin and added it onto the buttered bread and salted and peppered liberally.  Squash them together, cut in half purely for the beauty shot and voila, breakfast in 3 minutes.
Oh well yes, it was THAT yummy.  The bacon stays very crisp and very straight and well let me just say, Thank you, Bertha.  x

So, in conclusion, go nuke yourself some bacon but be sure to flour it first! 



  1. Tell me again why I'm saving my bacon grease for you? In the microwave?!

  2. you can NEVER have too much bacon grease! I will save yours to save it from *gasp* the garbage!

  3. My Grandma always floured her bacon first before putting it in the pan, a tradition that I still do today..friends are always amazed at the difference!