Friday, December 31, 2010

I've done it, I've Etsy'd

I was sewing the other day and my stupid tomato pin cushion kept falling over and tipping when I stuck pins in or took them out so I decided I needed a Diva Pin Cushion. I grabbed some fabric I had and viola... it even has a tassel because no self respecting sewing diva has a cushion withOUT a tassel!! It's 7 inches square and a 1.5 inch side. I stuffed it with cluster stuff and shoved a giant green plastic button in the middle and some bright yellow ribbon to tie it together.

I love it. I made two.

So, "people" have been telling me for years to get on Etsy or somewhere like it, to share that which I make that comes out of my head, through my fingers and, frankly, clutters my space :).

My foray into Etsy will be the over sized pin cushion...

To begin 2011, I'm going to. I hated 2010, should the truth be told. I felt belittled and mocked frequently through the year and lost a lot of confidence in myself.

I have decided I'm going to make 2011 mine all mine.

I'm not going to think my stuff isn't good enough, referring to the food, the writing or the crafty things.

I'm going to stand with head held high and face forward.

I'm going to produce what I do and hold before me proudly.

I'm going to try hard not to rely so much on the support of others but rather on the strength of my faith in myself.

Sort of preachy and sort of resolution-y (it is so a word!) but it's how I intend to wake up tomorrow morning.

Happy New Year and thanks for all the support, watch this space for the new and improved and cool funky stuff that is in my head and will hopefully be presented soon!


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