Saturday, December 18, 2010

Beaten Biscuit update...

Ok, we're pro's now. Child and I made them again this morning. I mixed and left the dough slightly wetter, just this side of sticking and I let him WHACK WHACK WHACK. Nothing says love in the kitchen than arming the 11 yr old.

Rather than go into any long and involved process (again) Here's the glamor shots...

I mixed the dough and laid it on the counter, whacked it a couple of times then folded, turned it 90 degrees and whacked some more

it's a wonderful thing when your culinary executive assistant enjoys their work!
450, greased comal, 15 minutes.

Child ate his plain, I added butter and honey for research purposes of course, even husband tried one and enjoyed it.

No, there's none left, seriously. Get in a snit then burn off Christmas stress by beating dough on a counter...truly, make these!!


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