Friday, August 20, 2010

It's OLD school time again

Ok, so I have been collecting old cookbooks for as long as I can remember. I love them. They are such a wonderful glimpse into life, so much more than just how to cook food. I read them like novels and savor every word. (total pun intended in case you didn't get it) Without these old books I would have never known to be sure I'm dressed in my best dress with hair neatly fixed and makeup applied, the house clean, children fed and in bed (so as to not disturb the man of the house), with a hot meal on the table ready when my husband comes home because HE'D had a hard day. Really, there aren't words. But I digress.

I have my pile of oldies but goodies. Mrs. Beeton, Good House Keeping, and random books written by ladies of the day and published for their social club. My mission, over the next couple of weeks is to take a few of the oldies and make them new again.

To be honest, I have been half heartedly doing this for a bit now but a couple of friends have asked for me for any old recipes as well as being asked for some old things to be reworked, it's just the time apparently.

"Classic" and "timeless" recipes are that way for a reason. They are usually delicious, economical and practical. They usually feed more than 2 people and make decent left overs. I'll be honest, in addition to some cool retro flavor visits, I do see loads of overcooked vegetables and Bisquick in my future if my adventures through cookbooks from the 50's+ are any indication. I'll start back with the oldest ones and I promise not to stay inside them too long. I will bring out the authentic recipes, however, like my mother, I am genetically incapable of following a recipe directly, even ones I write - there's always room for a pinch of something.

I'm scouring books, now that Connor is going back to school. Middle school, junior high school, I can't even cope so I'm diving into retrofood. I hope you enjoy the journey we're about to take because I think it'll be a little weird and entirely tasty.

/let's go

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