Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday "Refrigerator" Crustless Quiche

On Sunday morning I like to make breakfast, I think I like cooking breakfast more than I like eating it. My son and husband like different breakfast food, cooked differently and it makes me feel like a short order cook, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I made these one day a while back and they were a big hit so it’s become my semi-standard Sunday morning faire. Whatever we don’t eat sits on the counter for nibbling all day, there’s never any left.
Preheat oven to 400

You need a mini muffin tin, 24 little vessels waiting to receive ingredients at your whim. The minis mean you don’t actually need much of any one ingredient…time to search through your fridge. SPRAY IT HEAVILY WITH NONSTICK SPRAY, you’ll thank me later.

Before you fill, in a 4 cup measuring jug break in 4 (xl) eggs and enough milk to bring it to 2 ½ cups of liquid, add a little half and half if you want to make it richer (although it’s not necessary) 1%, 2%, or whole milk, doesn’t matter. If you want it more eggy, add 5 yolks. The point is that I have found 2 ½ cups of egg mix is the perfect amount. Salt and pepper well and add whatever herb you like. Some parsley is nice.

Rummage through your fridge and see what you have that you think would taste good in a quiche or with eggs. Endless possibilities. Any cooked veggies left from meals in the week are good, leftover meat or fish or canned salmon is also lovely. Think about what you like and see if you have a little bit of it in the fridge, we’re going to add it. This isn’t a recipe as much as a process. I had coffee in hand, a sleeping family and the inclination so this is what I did.

I had some shaved ham from the deli which I chopped up into little pieces and evenly distributed in the 24 mini cups. I found some shredded cheese, semi evenly distributed, don’t pack any of the ingredients in, drop them so that there’s enough space to hold the egg mixture

I had a piece of onion that I chopped tiny and sautéed in a little bacon fat till it was sweated out a little bit, not brown since they don’t cook for long I didn’t want any raw onion flavor in such a small bite. Sprinkled a little of the onion in each little cup.
Pour a little of the mixture into each cup. It should pretty evenly fill all of them.
I bake it for 20 then spin the tin and bake for a few more; they will be puffy and golden and look like little soufflés.
Let them sit on a rack for a minute or two, not much longer than that, then run your knife around each one and remove them to a platter, place them before whatever waiting audience you have and revel in the accolades.


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