Sunday, June 26, 2016

Individual trifles in jars, make ahead, take to a party, make last minute and eat them

I like to make food in jars.  It's simple, portioned, you can eat 6 because they're little jars and you can make things for a crowd easily.

I love trifle and this is my take on a smaller version of the original, here goes:


There are no amounts because it depends on how many jars you're doing, this is your guide


pound cake, home made or bought
strawberries or whatever fruit you love, cut small
jello, whatever flavor fruit you're using
custard, make your own or mix some Birds
                                  (OK, in a pinch you CAN use vanilla pudding, I'd prefer you don't but if you have to, I will avert my eyes) 
brandy or rum
whipped cream because you deserve it


1.  Cut cake with some brandy or rum drizzled on with some chopped fruit
2.  Make jello according to direction and pour over cake and fruit, not completely covering.
5.  Make or buy custard, and cover fruit and jello.  In full disclosure, I use Birds custard and make it in the microwave.  You can get it most places,  Here's the info:
I buy it at HEB in Texas as well as World Market and FiestaMart
6.  Top with cake, drizzle with brandy or rum if desired.


7.  Pop lids on and chill.
8.  When you're ready... pop on some chopped fruit and whipped cream and EAT


They last a while in the fridge and are handy to take to parties, I made a dozen the other to take to a Father's Day do and they travel beautifully, much easier than one large trifle.  

Try this, you'll love this! 


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