Friday, May 30, 2014

QUICK Pressure cooker toffee, caramel, golden love, dulce de leche, make your own

A QUICKIE for you; 

I've been cooking sweetened condensed milk in a can, on the stove top, for 3 hours, for years and years.  It's the base of Banoffee pie.  Cook a pie shell, slice bananas in the cooled shell and pour THIS all over it, chill.   

I wanted to know if my pressure cooker would do it easier and without blowing up. 
It did and it didn't.

Don't fret or freak out, all the online "recipes" are rather horror mongering about the whole thing. This is easy and you're going to go and do it now.  It keeps, unopened, in the cupboard forever and it keeps, in the fridge for a while.  Make something with it, it's SO SO SO much more than the sum of it's cooked in the can parts. 

Don't worry, just do it. 

Tracy's Pressure cooker toffee sauce, caramel, dulce de leche, whatever you call your version. 

What you'll need

1.  Can of sweetened condensed milk
2.  water
3.  pressure cooker

What you'll need to do

Remove the label from your can of sweetened condensed milk.  Put it on a rack in your pressure cooker, turn the can on it's side so it will fit without passing the FULL mark. 

Cover the can with water. Lock and load, 16 minutes

When the cooker dings, unplug it, do not release the pressure, just leave it.  Unplug it do that it doesn't stay on WARM. 

When the pressure is gone, about 15 minutes or so, remove the can, with tongs and put it on a towel to cool

When the can is cool enough to hold but still warm, open it.  Stir it with a knife, don't ask, it's just how I do it, and either use it or transfer it to a sealed container (don't leave it in the can once it's opened) and pop it in the fridge.  Nuke, gently, as you need it just to loosen it up.  *I* leave the sealed can in the cupboard without incident and have left it for months!!  

Spread it on toast, on fruit, use it as a dip, in a pie, in a flan, in custard, on a spoon, dip bananas in it, use it on ice cream, as ice cream or did I mention, just on a spoon? 

Put it in a pie!  Make my easy press in pie crust, bake it, when it's cool, fill it with this warm caramel and shove it in the fridge. DONE!  EASY! and you'll be a ROCK star

Oh and you're welcome :D  you're going to love this. 



  1. Seriously, no previous comments!?! I've read more than a few recipes for this, and this is my favorite. You have serious attitude, girl, and i love it. I'm just starting on my pressure cooker education, and this is fun. Thanks.

  2. Thank you Tracy. How long can it stay in the frig? Does it go bad? Thought it would make gifts.

    1. in the sealed can, it lasts for years :) I know, I've done it. I will pc a bunch of cans at one time, peel the labels and throw them in the cupboard. No labels means caramel and I open and use at will. Nuke it to soften and make it pourable again. I've never refrigerated the sealed can and I only open it to use it so I don't know a fridge life.

    2. iF you want, you can open it and put it in jars, that will last months at least, probably longer.

  3. Can I make 2 cans at the same time?

  4. I'm confused, in the recipe you say, DON'T LEAVE IT IN THE CAN. But in the contents you say it is shelf stable in the can? Maybe I'm misunderstanding?

    1. I see how I wasn't clear, don't leave it in the can once you open it :) it's shelf stable in a sealed can :) that's my bad wording, thanks for noticing!!!

  5. I have visited this recipe several times but never noticed that you can return the UNOPENED can to the cupboard until you need it. NOW I have a reason try it so when I want something sweet it is seconds away instead of an hour. LOVE that. Thanks, Tracy.

  6. If you pressure it in the jars can it be good to keep without refrigeration?

  7. You said put the can on the side so it will fit under water and still be below the max fill line. If I have a big pressure cooker, could I leave it upright and maybe even do two or three as long as they are fully submerged? Is the key just that it is covered and being on it's side doesn't matter?
    Thanks for the recipe!

  8. If you put it in the decorative canning jars, do you just screw on the lid or do you need to do a water bath to seal the lid?

  9. This is brilliant!!!! I love the IP group so much, that's how I found this recipe. Did you see the cute packaging for teachers with the apples? What a great idea.

  10. Can you transfer it from can into canning jars and water bath for shelf stability?

  11. Using this to top salted caramel cheesecake also made in the pressure cooker!

  12. I am such a believer of this now! When I read, I thought no way. When it was done I tasted it and it was soooo sickenly sweet I thought no way again. Then it cooled off and I tasted it again and I became a member of the "eat it with a spoon" club!! OMGosh, this stuff is seriously good. But I'm sure the sugar content is out of this world so it will be a special occasion thing in our house. Thanks, Tracy!! Jeanette Schutz