Saturday, May 17, 2014

No, I haven't gone away... I've been sad

Hi There, don't fret, I think I'm back... 

I've been preoccupied with losing my faith and my passion and the love for the things that I do that give me great joy.  Yeah, it's been one of those types of years. 

There's been a massive shakeup in my life, my joy, my perception of my future, my friends and my own perception of my place in space.

That being said, even though I went away for a bit, I'm back.  I love this, I love this blog and I love writing it, creating it, nurturing it and damnit, I'm going to keep it.  I love talking to all of you, love that I have inspired, even if briefly, any of you.  It delights me.

I think I've come through the fog and am trying to get it back on track. 

I have some fabulous FABULOUS awesome TREMENDOUS ideas and some reviews and all manner of things that will fill the pages here again quickly! 

I apologize for my disappearance.  I had to regroup.  I am...however, for good or for bad, back :) 

You're going to love what's coming!!! 

Watch this space,

Love,  and get a big appetite, you're going to need it!!!  


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