Saturday, October 26, 2013

Quinoa, in the pressure cooker. Make a batch and keep it in the fridge for the week for salads, sides or just snacking. Perfect

I love Quinoa.

I love my Nesco pressure cooker.

I see no reason the two of them can't come together to make me happy oh and make me food too.

I think Quinoa can be tricky to cook well, sometimes.  It can be gummy and go from perfect to baby food very quickly.  Well, it can unless you have an electric pressure cooker.

I have found, lately, that I cook loads of this sort of thing on a Sunday and store it so that I can pick what I want as a quick side or to stir fry or to heat up or to make into a salad without having to give it much thought.

Even thought I am home, I'm homeschooling the teenager and trying to get my two passions off the ground, the food stuff and the making stuff for my Etsy store, TracyMakesStuff.  I also have to clean way more often because we are HERE all the time.  It was easier to stay ahead of it when the child was in school and it was only me here all day.  But, once again, or still, I digress.

This recipe is one in my list of quick and easy "cook for the week on a Sunday" one from the repertoire.

Pay attention, it goes fast:


1 cup quinoa
1 3/4 cups water
butter (if you'd like)

Okie dokie, here we go:

Put the quinoa, water, salt and butter in the pressure cooker.
Lock and load, 7 minutes.  Go do something
When the DING calls you back into the kitchen, release the pressure, cover the Pressure Cooker with a tea towel and leave it a few minutes.


There's no other way to cook Quinoa and now you have some for the week.  When it's cold, throw it in the fridge.  I like to toss it with avocado and grilled chicken and toss it in a light vinaigrette.  It's super delicious, crazy delicious and one of the top things to do.

This recipe double easily and if you go to 3 cups of quinoa, start removing 1/2 cup of water at each increase.

Go make some.



  1. i recently made quinoa in a pressure cooker and it is the first time I ever had it turn out correct and taste good. Highly recommend it and I will never cook it a another way again.

  2. Thanks! I'm delighted you're happy.

  3. OMGosh...............
    I am so glad I found you again.
    About two months ago, I was reading up on Quinoa.
    I decided to get some and try it.
    Looked for the best way to cook it.
    I found your site with this way.
    I am never ever out of Quinoa!!!
    I make it at least twice of not three times a week.
    I do a cup at a time.
    My hubby won't eat it (Well you know how they are, he hasn't tried it, but being from Texas, Quinoa will not pass his lips) so it is just me.
    All mine!!!
    Every little fluffy, no sticking soggy nugget is all mine.
    Oh, the reason I am so happy.....
    I printed out the way to cook it from your site, and never bookmarked it or any thing, and low and behold, here you are and deserve a big THANK YOU!!!!
    You are right, perfect every time.
    Nance in Las Vegas

    1. keep me bookmarked... making the best ever chicken to go with :D
      I'm thrilled the recipe helped!!! YAY!

  4. Can you please tell me how much water for 3 cups of Quinoa? And also how long for please? Thanks heaps :)

    1. to cook 3 cups of dry quinoa? I would use 5 cups of water, I use the equation of double water to quinoa, minus some :) Really technical HAHA

      cook for the same time

      happy eating!

    2. Thank you so much :) I am going to try it tomorrow!

  5. I have to set the psi pressure on my cooker. What psi should I be setting mine at for the 7 mins? Or, low, medium or high?

  6. I have to set low, med or high pressure or a certain psi on my cooker. What should I set mine at?

    1. I have a high, low and steam setting on mine, I use HIGH unless otherwise indicated. I don't have a psi setting specifically

  7. I tried this and added a little soy sauce to use it as "fried rice" and it turned out great! Will definitely be using the pressure cooker to cook quinoa in the future! Thanks!

    1. oh excellent idea!! glad you liked the method!!

  8. Tracy do you have any recipes you use for Quinoa. the only recipe I have and use all the time is with grated apple and cinnamon in pressure cooker. serve with dollop yoghurt and maple syrup yuuuumy. Breakfast

  9. i use it anywhere I use cooked rice! makes great fried rice that's not rice. i will put some recipes up

  10. I Inherited a microwave pressure cooker from my mom. She lost the recipe book that came with it a long long time ago... do you suppose I would put it in the microwave and cook it until it starts hissing then timer for seven minutes?

    1. Contact the manufacturer. They usually have downloadable manuals