Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Updates and plans...

Ok darlings; 

This isn't about meatballs, but there's a meatball post coming, I wanted to get your, "oh goodness!" juices flowing with this looker of a picture! 

My update is that: 

I'm writing to Nesco about my pressure cooker, trying to get involved with them to review and write more about it.  I have replaced the insert because I dropped it and it bent, but I have noticed my gasket is loose now and I have to decide whether to replace it or buy a new/same/different pressure cooker.  I have to admit that I love that thing and made some more food this week, the posts will be up this weekend.  I've been terribly busy with getting kiddo organized for his freshman year of homeschooling high school.  Exciting and terrifying. 

I've applied to be a tester with Campbell's.  I'll keep you posted on that. 

I'm working on recipes using some canned food, seriously, I accidentally tried some and well, they were delicious.  Watch for recipes. 

I am reworking some of my British classic recipes, bangers and mash, toad in the whole, pie with custard, cottage and shepherd's pie, Yorkshire pudding and suet dumplings.  Watch for those recipes and preparations as well. 

I've connected with my Norwegian sister and am going to try to get some ideas from her for some of her local fare, sometimes it's nice to shake it all up! 

In the mean time, start saving all your fat from whatever animal you happen to cook.  Save the fat and pour it into jam jars, labelled and shoved in the door of your freezer.  I have jars labelled, "chicken", "beef", "bacon" and "goose".  Yeah, I have goose fat.  Anyway, we will be using these fats in various incarnations over the next while and I want you to have it ready.  When you're at the grocery store, ask your butcher if they have any fat throw aways and if you can have it, some say yes and you can bring it home, render it in a saucepan over medium low heat for a long time and get absolutely DELICIOUS cooking fat for FREE. 

Ok, back to what I need to do, I'll keep you posted on the happenings.  

ALSO, my posts on Cuisinart, Nesco and Pappadeux are getting really high traffic, thanks!!!  


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