Sunday, April 14, 2013

Croissant method slideshow...


IF you divide the dough and roll each half into 6, this is how big they are:

 IF you divide the dough and roll each half into 8, this is how big puny they are:


I had a few questions about the technique of rolling the croissants I have come up with. 

This is the slideshow of the new croissant method I developed, it goes with this post:

I made the dough, dumped it all in the kitchenaid and let it mix, on high, with the dough hook, until it was a soft, smooth dough.  That took 5 minutes. 

I took it out and put it on the counter and this is where we pick up the action :) I didn't do a movie, it's a slide show, free to stop it to check the consistency of your dough. 

The first rise took 13 minutes ;)  Then after I punched it down it went in the fridge for 2 hours.  The butter was grated, while frozen, and tossed back into the freezer until I needed it.  I just plunk it in a dish. 

I really just wanted to show you the method I figured out.  I hope you go and make croissants ;) 

message me in the comments if you have any questions. :)  


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