Friday, August 31, 2012

Backyard Chicken Eggs

My girls' egg, v XL white egg
I have backyard chickens, 6 of them. Alouette, Edna, Martini, Peck, Sunny and Chicken.  Husband named "Chicken".  They all have huge personalities and are all very loving.  They enjoy being held and stroked and follow me around the yard like the pied piper.  I love my chickens

They are Buff Orpington chickens   They are 21 weeks old today and today, I got my first 2 eggs! There was an egg in the nesting box when we let them out of the coop this morning and then I was standing there, talking to my mother on the phone about how I'd listened to Alouette "sing" for an hour or more in the nesting box, heard a "knock" against the plywood and opened the door to see Alouette and a fresh, warm, wet egg!!!

I ran the egg inside, rinsed it and promptly lightly fried it in a little butter. I slid it onto a slice of homemade bread with a little butter on it. I ate it. It was heaven. I cannot believe how beautiful it was, firm albumen, 1/2 inch high, tight, almost neon yolk. It was the best egg I have ever eaten.

In a perfect world, the theory is that we'll get one egg per day per chicken. That's 6 per day. I can do that.


I heated a little butter in a non stick pan to medium high.  I cracked the egg and slid it into the pan.  I immediately rotated the pan, like a crepe, and it folded itself over.  No need to flip :)

I put it on a slice of homemade, buttered, bread.  Split the bright yellow yolk so it ran into the bread and ate it hungrily. 

I may never eat anything else again. 


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