Thursday, July 26, 2012

Corn on the Cob (microwaved! GASP)


Connor thought it was ridiculous how I do corn.  He thinks some things I do are strange and now we film them and throw them up on YouTube, sort of like the how to hull a strawberry with a straw.  Ok, here we go.

So, you take your cob of corn (with husk and silk!) and throw it in the microwave (with a turntable) for 4 minutes.  IF you have more than one cob, add 2 minutes per cob.

Let them rest for a moment.  Cut the STALK end off about an inch up from where the corn starts.  Grab the silk end (with a towel) and twist and pull.

Here is the video:

VOILA! perfect tasting, perfect looking, perfect silk free corn.  Butter obnoxiously.  Eat.


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